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Awaiting a Subtotal Hysterectomy – Karina’s Story

Hi. Having taken Norethisterone pill for the past 3 years to stop my bleeding that was a result of the Mirena coil not being effective. I was diagnosed with a large fibroid that was outgrowing my womb.

The only option was to have a subtotal hysterectomy which I was adamant I wasn’t going to have. However after extensive research I realised I had no choice, although I did speak to my consultant requesting only just the removal of the fibroid along with my womb leaving my ovaries and cervix.

I am due for surgery 31st March and am petrified even though since I received the date I am trying to remain positive. My stomach is bloated all the time which is something I have never experienced and am hoping after the operation I will go back to my normal shape????

I am also worried about sex afterwards along with loads of other concerns. I know I have read some great reassuring stories from this website but I still can’t help but worry.


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  1. Hi, I had my hysterectomy on the 31/10/2014 and I can honestly say it is the best thing I happen to me I feel like a new woman. I had my womb and cervix removed by kept my ovaries. I had keyhole surgery and I was only in hospital for 24 hours I didn’t have any pain (didn’t need any painkillers) and I was back at work after 4 weeks. It is such a relief knowing I will never have bad bleeding again. I had a year of bad bleeding losing clots the size of my hand I had to take northisterone to stop the bleeding but this gave me migraines ( which I had never had before). I have better sex drive now than before my op and everyone says how much better I look so don’t worry it isn’t all doom and gloom as some stories are. I feel like the weight if the world has been lifted off my shoulders as it was all getting me down

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