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72 thoughts on “We’d Love Your Feedback

  1. Really great service….I am 4 weeks post vaginal hysterectomy and the daily update via email has been really helpful. Thank you !!!

  2. I am so pleased I found this fabulous resource for information and support. I am waiting for my pre-op and op date and have found the daily emails really helpful. I became a full member and have already read the 101 Hints twice and have made my husband read it too! The forums are nicely busy with lots of support and real experiences to help prepare me and my young family for the recovery challenge ahead! Thank you 🙂

  3. I have found the whole website and daily emails So supportive during my post op time !! I am now in week 4 recovery from a total abdominal hysterectomy ! I have also suffered an infection in the wound and needed another stay in hospital !!! Being able to read my daily emails I could always related to my experience !!! Thank you x

  4. I found this website while researching for a hysterectomy back in February 2016. I was able to find information to allow me to make an informed decision about my health. Today 2nd May 2016, I am 10 days post op from a Subtotal lap assisted hysterectomy, I find myself still reaching for the threads in the forums to help me to be prepared but also know how to deal with pain of constipation (not glamorous). Shortly put, this website, your Facebook page information and the forums Have been a lifeline to me

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