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Post Hysterectomy Recovery Survey

We have been undertaking research into the experiences of women having hysterectomies because there is little research information about the impact that having a hysterectomy can have on women.

If you have already had your hysterectomy, then we would be very grateful if you would help us to get a better overview by taking the survey below, it shouldn’t take more than 3-5 minutes to complete but will be enormously helpful to us in encouraging change with the National Health Service.

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  1. I had a TAH back in May 2011. This was due to a whopping 40+ fibroids, a cyst on each ovary and severe endometriosis. About 3 months after I started getting the most incredible sharp pain in my right groin area. It’s very intermittent but lasts between 1-10 minutes. Does anyone else have this. It only happens when I either stand up or when I urinate for the first time in the morning?

  2. I had a complete lap. hysterectomy on Aug 20, 2014 , Since then i was cleared for sex after 3mnths, On Halloween had to have emergency surgery from my hubby busting my insides open, then 2wks after that spent 5days in the hospital with severe infection in incision, sine then my inside stitches have busted 4 times, im in constant pain, my doc says im a medical mystery an the infection wony go away, Now since my doc cant figure it oit shes sending me to another surgeon, no sex for 8 mnths an hope i get better! Am i seriously the only person this has happened too? Its getting close to a year an ive still not recovered, my sex life is gone, I’m in constant pain.., Im going crazy an wondering if i’ll ever be normal again??

  3. It’s been3. Weeks since I had my hysterectomy and I been feeling nauseous and certain smells make me this normal or should I call my dr?

    1. It could be just the way your body recovers from surgery or it could be your hormones settling down, finally it might be the sign of a minor infection and perhaps a chat with your GP might be a good idea.

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Get Your FREE Hysterectomy Booklet plus Daily Hints and Tips

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