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Here at The Hysterectomy Association we undertake a number of unique pieces of research. We also provide research teams with public patient involvement support for their health and social care research projects. Finally, we facilitate research in related organisations and areas. Our latest research projects are listed below and we would be very grateful if you might consider taking part. Internal research projects are undertaken through a self selection process and involve the use of simple questionnaires.

  1. The Information Needs of Hysterectomy Patients
  2. Post Hysterectomy Recovery Survey
  3. Are you more likely to have a hysterectomy if you have been abused?
  4. Website Feedback Survey

External research projects

We have no external research projects at present, check back soon.

PPI Public Patient Involvement opportunities for researchers.

Find out more about the Hysterectomy Association can help your research projects meet the growing demand for public and patient involvement in research projects. Click this link for more information:

Get Your FREE Hysterectomy Booklet plus Daily Hints and Tips

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