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Light Support Panty


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Our Light Support Panty are a seamless, smooth, comfortable and invisible panty with ’built-in’ gentle support for your abdomen while it is healing.

Made from a soft, breathable microfibre fabric they are the panty with a difference and are designed to gently support your tummy and so relieve pressure on your lower abdominal muscles while you are recovering.

They fit, feel and move invisibly with your body and are so velvety soft they are a pleasure to wear. Made from 91% Polyamide and 9% Elastan, they can be washed at 40 degrees. NOW AVAILABLE IN BLACK or WHITE, our Light Support Panty come in the following sizes:

  • UK 8-10 – (36/38)
  • UK 10-12 – (38/40)
  • UK 14-16 – (42/44)
  • UK 18-20 – (46/48)

They are shaped to take account of swelling, so our recommendation is to get your normal panty size. If you prefer to be accurate then measuring around the hips will give you the correct size to order.

Additional information

Weight 0.21 kg
Dimensions 17 × 13.5 × 3.5 cm

Black, White


Extra Large UK 18-20 – (46/48), Large UK 14-16 – (42/44), Medium UK 10-12 – (38/40), Small UK 8-10 – (36/38)

26 reviews for Light Support Panty

  1. KatieG (verified owner)

    I ordered two pairs pre op. Initially, I regretted it as they aren’t cheap and a nurse at my pre assessment said any kind of support pants aren’t really necessary. HOWEVER ….. have been wearing them post op and they definitely provide support and comfort. Have worn ‘normal’ full briefs for comparison and the difference is palpable. Particularly like the support version for my short daily walks or any time when I’m standing. I am normally a size 8 and bought my normal size (ie the 8-10). Was worried they might be too small with a swollen stomach but they are perfect.

  2. Samantha Merridale (verified owner)

    These are just what you need immediately post op – I have just ordered two more pairs in the black (which are slightly less clinical than the white!) but have three pairs of each now. Very comfortable to wear, super soft, and come all the way up to below the bust so no chafing if you have a vertical scar like me. I had a massive fibroid removed and have an extensive scar, and still have some bruising and aching about a week post op – these pants are providing wonderful support and comfort and do help with pain relief. Would recommend.

  3. Ruth (verified owner)

    These support pants arrived the next day, they are great and support in all the right places – I had my operation three weeks ago and wish I had ordered them earlier. Going to order two more pairs today!

  4. Hyster HellyB (verified owner)

    I am normally a 14 in the pants department so purchased a Large (14-16). They arrived within 2 days and were so comfortable and easy to get on. Straight away I felt more supported and secure. The only down side I would say is that the top of them came right up under my bust and I have a long body…but didnt stop them from being supportive!

    So I bought a Medium (10-12) these also came very quickly and again very comfortable and easy to get on – no fighting to get into them! They still come above the belly button but give a lovely gentle support to my tummy and hold everything in place..

    Having compared other sites/prices,I found these to be best value at the time.

  5. Sian

    These pants are well made, but offer the very lightest of support. Expensive for what they are, which is pregnancy support pants. Had I my time over again, I would not buy them.

  6. Mrs Anita B Watson

    My support panties arrived quite quickly which was good. I’m not sure I’ve ordered 2prs of XL of which the fit isn’t very comfortable. They seem to come right up under my bosoms and almost between my posterior cheeks. There isn’t much support around the tummy area quite loose. Maybe I should have ordered the large. I am normally a size 18. Might order another pair but a L.

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