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Deep abdominal exercises to help recover after hysterectomy

There is a lot of confusion about how you can best recover after a hysterectomy. Sometimes it’s easier to be shown what you can do rather than have a written list. The following video from Michelle Kenway demonstrates how to do the Kegel exercises correctly.

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  1. Since a hysterectomy last November and surgery to correct a bladder prolapse, I have gained a lot of weight (despite resuming the 5:2 Fast Diet in January), I have a much larger stomach and I am suffering mild urinary incontinence. I am also suffering pain during intercourse, so I’m afraid the surgery has left me half the woman I was. I have had tests which show there is nothing physical causing the pain, and my bladder weakness is a result of my urethra being straightened.

    What can I do about the vaginal pain? I miss physical love so much. And the bladder weakness is not improving despite tablets and religious practice of the Kegel exercises. And are there any exercises I can do to strengthen my lower abdomen? Sit-ups of course are forbidden after a prolapse, but those are the muscles that seem to have died.

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