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  1. Hi I just had hysterectomy 7 days ago x vaginal so no wound x was feeling ok but still bleeding slightly and feel pressure going for a wee and still have lower abdominal pain like period pain x is all this normal?? Xx still got two injections to go in my stomach which I find are rather painful? X feeling pretty crap at the min and had to get prune juice and other stuff from the doctors down me Friday as 5 days no bowel movement and was in agony x but since then nothing x how long does anaesthetic take to leave your system? Being doing light walking but feel so exhausted and have to sit down? Is it me or is all this normal as leaving the hospital no one gives you any ideas about all this x please help x

  2. I had a sub total hysterectomy April 2016. Operation went well, and other then being sick I, was recovering well enough to be discharged after 3 days, with instructions on self administering anti coagulant injections into my tummy for the next 3 days. Unfortunately, within the week, I experienced swelling on my tummy, and found a solid lump that was inflamed, just above the healing incision, that was also very red and hot to the touch. I was consequently readmitted with an infected haematoma and severe pain down my left side. I was immediately put on intravenous antibiotics for a 5 days and monitored throughout until I was discharged. I am due my 6 week check up next week, I feel better though the lump is still there, just smaller in size. I have started to do light exercises, walk and be more active which, is making me feel better in myself. I just feel that the 6 to 8 weeks is definitely the time frame to follow the specialists instructions, of taking the time to heal and talk to someone if your need to.

  3. Hello everyone, I just had a TAH on Dec14,2015. I am 3. Weeks in post op and I’ve been feeling pretty good. I do remind myself not to lift anything or over work my body.. 7 day into my post op I developed pulmonary embolism on my right lung. Doctor said it was nothing I did wrong. Yes I did my breathing and walking daily. Walking comes easy for me since for the last 2 1/2 years I’ve lost 60 pounds walking and running 20miles a week..I had all test done and the blood clots started from the abdominal up to my lungs. This kept me in the hospital another 3more days.Now I am on Eliquis for 3months and the road to recovery. So now I have to be careful to to over do it since I cannot take any Tylenol or ibuprofen for pain. But reading some of your stories I will be adding stretch exercise in my routine to help with the the pain.

  4. Hi there, on June 29th 2015 I had a total abdominal hysterecomty due to uterine fibroids and endometriosis. The surgeon said that the operation went well however the endo’ was questionable (3 years previous to op had some endometriosis burned away). I am now 4 weeks post op, I have experienced horrendously painful bowel movements and constantly experiencing the urge to urinate even after just being. My doctor has put me on an 8 day course of antibiotics and penicillin due to very dark grainy discharge. The antibiotics make me feel awful and very bloated on top of the post op bloating. I wish I could say I’m getting there but I feel I’m getting nowhere!!!!!!! Is it normal for ealing ridge above surgical scar to be hard and lumpy at this stage? Will it go? I’m very mobile and I am managing light hohsehold duties. After years of bloating, acid reflux and horrendous periods I just want anormal life again!!! Can anybody give me hope. I also have MS, however I am an active woman and find this very frustrating. Sorry to be so negative.

    1. What you’re describing is very common Helen and usually sorts itself out given time. If it does’t improve over the coming weeks then you’ll need to see your GP.

  5. Hello everyone. I am having a total hysterectomy in two weeks time (uterus, fallopian tubes and cervix) the aim is to do this by laparoscopy but it looks as though I will have my ovaries removed too. I had an internal exam in February to try and source the cause of pain during sex and possible reasons for recurrent uti’s and either suffered a prolapse or some kind of rupture. I was also put on a course of zoladex. Since then i have not being able to function properly. I cannot walk far, lift a laundry basket, have sex or hoover. I was really fit until my internal exam. But am now concerned that my recovery will take longer than it should. If anyone has any advice or suggestions for pre-op prep and post-op recovery I would be very greatful. Thank you for reading.

  6. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy on May 29th and like many ladies I was very active prior to the operation. My stomach is still swollen and very sensitive and the scar is hard in places, scar tissue which I hope will improve.. I am feeling quite frustrated, not being able to do as much as I would like. Would anyone have advice as to what gentle exercises I could do?I am doing pelvic floor exercises every morning and trying to go for at least an hour’s walk each day. My one worry is putting weight on, with so much inactivity.

    1. Walking is one of the best exercises you can do, it will keep you mobile, keep the joints working and help to disperse anaesthesia at the same time as preventing a DVT. If you’d like more exercise at this stage then it might be worth seeing a physiotherapist who could advise on what might be appropriate for you.

  7. I want to thank everyone for sharing their experiences. I am 56 years old in menopause and plan to have my surgery next month due to large and multiple fibroids. They have caused me to have a tummy, constipation, bladder problems and painful sex. I have been so worried about the recovery as well as the surgery. I have had a tummy tuck about 10 years ago and it was hard but manageable. I am hoping for the same results. Our two story house has many stairs. How long before I should be able to go up and down? Again thank you all for the info and support.

  8. Hi I had TAH on 25th April due to multiple and large fibroids. My wound healed nicely on the outside but still feel some soreness inside. My concern is that my urine flow is very slow and sometimes after urinating, I still have the urinating sensation and will sit for a little while longer and a few more drops of urine will flow out. Also I go frequently to the toilet during the night but normal during the day. I did asked the doctor on the 5th day post-op but he said its normal and I should be okay in no time. Its already 6 weeks post-op and I still having this problem Is this normal or should I go back to the GP for further check. Lastly, is it okay to do some squatting and bending at this time.

    1. It may be a slight infection – you need to get it checked out and you can ask at the same time about the squatting and bending.

  9. That sounds like gas pains, Clare, which I had some but they have mostly abated. If it is down the left side of your abdomen it is the descending bowel and it is tender because of the anesthesia, according to my doctor. I am very careful to get plenty of fruits and veggies as I am paranoid about constipation. It has not been a problem. I did ask my doctor if “pushing” for a bowel movement could cause a prolapse and he said no. (I’m not sure I believe that…) I have definitely noticed weird internal sensations I didn’t notice before, but everything is working fine. πŸ˜‰

    I had a TAH on April 30, 2015 due to large fibroids. I lost 15 lbs within four days of surgery but have gained 2 back. πŸ™ My legs are noticeably more trim, I assume due to fluid retention before, and I no longer look pregnant. I do not deal well with anesthesia and cannot tolerate most pain pills, so the first 4 days post-op were very hard due to that.(I went to the ER for vomiting.) I felt slow mentally and emotional off and on for the first couple of weeks but am mostly normal now. For the first three + weeks I could not be on my feet much without my upper back having spasms, but that is mostly better. Mainly it made it hard to cook, which I wanted to do since I was mostly couch-bound and watching cooking shows! At 4 weeks now my incision and the area around it seems to be more tender, but I attribute that to being more active, wearing normal pants and maybe nerves reconnecting. That is the most annoying thing right now, and I am doing normal daily activity except hard exercise and heavy lifting. I still get tired, usually the day after a couple of very active days. I have been riding a spinner and recumbent bike to get my blood moving and heart rate up, but not as aggressively as normal. I am looking forward to riding my real bike but am not comfortable on it yet due to the soreness around the incision.

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