Vaginal hysterectomy

A vaginal hysterectomy is one where the uterus/womb and cervix are removed through the vagina. Because it is less invasive recovery is often much faster than with a traditional abdominal hysterectomy. It is performed by pulling the womb and cervix through a hole that is made in the top of the vagina. Surgical instruments are then placed into the vagina to remove the uterus from the ligaments that hold it in place. After the womb and the cervix has been removed, the incision made at the top of the vagina is then stitched closed.

This type of surgery is not suitable for all women though and may be only available in a limited number of hospitals. Generally, women who are expecting to have fewer complications with a hysterectomy and those who have had children (as their ligaments are less firm) will be more suitable candidates. If you have large fibroids, a lot of endometriosis and/or adhesions then an abdominal hysterectomy may be considered more appropriate for you.

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9 thoughts on “Vaginal hysterectomy

  1. My total lavh is scheduled for April 26th. Finally after years of drs telling me the flooding was part of pre menopause. Saw a gyne who ran test and found my problems. I had polyps in cervix /,polyps and cysts in uterus plus cysts in ovaries and they found a hole in ovary during exploratory laprascopic. In Feb had ablation but after much discussion we are moving forward with hysterectomy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I no idea what to expect

  2. I had my cervix, fallopian tubes, uterus vagina removed how long do I have to wait til it heals n to have sex

    1. A minimum of 6 weeks.

  3. ive read quite alot about vaginal hysterectomy and your site is great x

    1. Why thank you kindly Tracey 🙂

  4. hi im booked in on 29 of this month for a vaginal hysterectomy and repair but was told yesterday that ive got to have some very tight stitchers inside to hold things back up plus was also told you will not beable to have sex again because of these stitchers as i will not beable to open up down there that dont bother me im a very nervous person and absolutley scared to death about this opp .ive got back problems to plus my balance isnt good how will this effect my revovery dont no what to expect when i come round also carnt sleep as im worrying like mad

    1. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous about the op Tracey – why not join in on the forums to find out if there is any advice or suggestions others could offer to you 🙂

    2. hi how do i join im new to computors

    3. Hi Tracey, You can join in on the forums by creating a free account with a username and password. Or you can join as a full member and get a free copy of 101 Handy Hints for a Happy Hysterectomy plus other benefits too. You can find out about both here: and you are already joining in by asking questions here 🙂 Oh, and finally you can also find us on Facebook too –

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