Risks of hysterectomy

The risks of hysterectomy for the majority of women are not something they have to be aware of and their hysterectomy will a liberating experience. They will go on to lead perfectly normal lives after they have recovered. However for a small number of women the reverse may be true and we have listed a number of risks of hysterectomy and other possible hysterectomy complications which may be experienced by some women.

You can find more information about each of them by following the links provided.

Some other conditions may also re-occur, this might include, adhesion’s, pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis. These are probably because they are all triggered by oestrogen, which the body will continue to produce naturally if a woman retains the ovaries or if a woman takes HRT if her ovaries were removed. For all of these conditions it is important to discuss with your doctor what treatment is available.

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16 thoughts on “Risks of hysterectomy

  1. 3 weeks post TAH BSO .wound looks great but burning stinging heavy pain on walking so can’t increase it…..may it’s too early ? Advice please

  2. Hi there, I am 44 and on my fifth day post laparoscopic hysterectomy.
    I am terrified of doing too much and causing myself an injury, so I need a bit of advice please. Maybe call it a wake up call.
    I am up and dressed in the day but taking it easy, walking around and out in the car for short trips with my husband driving. I deliberately stopped pain killers to be able to assess myself. But the issue I am finding is that, pre op I was told things like ‘you can’t lift a kettle’ and such like. I can and have been doing such things, however is it a matter of shouldn’t rather than can’t? I am usually fit and very active so am finding it hard to not be. Is their a guide line that I should be sticking to please such as being in bed for so long post op, how long to walk for and when do you start that post op, etc etc. I also have horses, would you have a rough guide how long I have to leave it before I can ride again please? Would much rather ask these things now than risk a prolapse. Many, many thanks.

  3. Hey ladies!
    I am 40 and had an abdominal hysterectomy (conserving ovaries) on 24th Oct, so 7 days ago. I am a well woman, in good physical shape, I don’t smoke, drink very little, BMI 26 and an ex health professional (this is a curse! lol)
    Approx 36 hours post surgery, I noticed a Haematoma forming on the right side of my wound and it’s approx the size of a satsuma. It was very sore to touch, hot and red ish but no oozing from the wound. My surgeon came to see me and said that the body should break it down and he wouldn’t give me antibiotics, although I suggested this to him. I was sent home on day 2 and I have been resting/lookig after myself.
    I have needed to take regular pain meds and as the nerve endings are coming together in my wound, I am obviously more aware of pain. I went for a review yesterday (day 6) and the dressing was removed for inspection. I noted that the wound has slightly some open on both sides by approx 1 inch. There was no active oozing, although both sites were moist. There was no smell either. The wound was redressed and I am due to go back in a week or sooner if signs of infection start.
    I am in an awful lot of pain with the haematoma. It isn’t getting any smaller and it literally throbs when I stand up and walk around. I feel the need to support it as I walk. The whole wound is now very tender and I have some fresh oozing on the left side; it’s not a lot but it’s there.
    I am planning on going to my GP on Monday for a review and I really would be happier with antibiotics.
    My question is to do with this haematoma. Would it have started to break down by now? What is the likelihood of further intervention to remove it as I would obviously like to avoid this? Is there anything I can do to help the process along?
    Thanks guys
    Liverpool – UK xx

  4. I am 43 and have had severe anemia due to constant, heavy bleeding. I have had 3 c sections, the last one 17 years ago. In the last 3 years I have had 2 themal eblations and a coil placed each time. Now I have been offered a hysterectomy. Does anyone know if the previous surgeries will cause problems? I have a disabled son to care for so I need to know I will still be here to do that. Thanks

  5. I had a hysterectomy via keyhole and had ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed. Was great for first two weeks then developed chest pain which turned out to be a pulmonary embolism so on warfarin also then developed a deep pelvic infection for which I had to be hospitalised with antibiotics. Recovering well I’m a nurse what would be the length of time off work that would be normal?

    1. It really depends on how heavy your work is – the heavier and more physical, the longer you need! Keyhole hysterectomy is usually expected to recover within about 4-6 weeks. I guess you’ll also need to see the occupational health team first anyway.

  6. Had my surgery on the 19th of March 2015. Been feeling good. But in the last week, I noticed that when I go to the toilet to urinate I ache towards the end. At times, ache is so painful I hold back the urine mid stream . I also noticed it happens towards the end, when the bladder is almost empty. At times am tempted to stop.
    Is this ok.

    1. It may be the sign of an infection – it would be worth checking out.

  7. i had a hysterectomy 15 years ago. it was one of the best thing i did. After waiting one year to make up my mind. hjey told me that i had a very large fibroid, i was also lossing a lot of blood. since then every month without fail i experince non stop crying for no reason bloated stomach slurred speach. over all i have to hide away from the world for about three days. i sometime manage it by a certain intake of chocolate. if i eat enough then i am not so bad. some months i just cannot stomach the chocolate. so of course i suffer. my gp has done blood test and have found nothing wrong. has anyone else has this eperience my brain still thinks i am having periods. can anyone help it is driving me mad. i am 58 yrs old this year 2015.

    1. It sounds hormonal Elaine and I’d ask another GP in your practice to refer you to a hormone specialist for tests.

  8. I have had a hystercomy 4 days ago home now day after operation got out of bed went to toilet and fainted for no reason went for a scan came back inenclusive sometimes even now I get out of breath is it normal

    1. It’s not normal but it does happen and may be associated with low blood pressure. It would be worth chatting with your GP and getting it checked out.

  9. Hi i had my ovaries removed by key hole surgery nearly five weeks ago. I am so terrified that I’m going to feel like this for ever. My mood is low (although i am on antidepressants due to Post Traumatic Stress). MY tum is still bloated. My Mum had Ovarian cancer and my maternal grandmother had two separate breast cancers so i was advised to have my ovaries out as I’m 47 and already have 4 children (although i would love more, financially we could not have any more). Can i can’t i take HRT? so very confused. Can i cycle? i have been given no advice on what i can or can’t do and now the summer hold are here, my children do not want to be stuck in. Can you please give me some advice?

    1. Your stomach will be bloated for sometime to come. To reduce the bloat you need to start doing some light exercise – walking is good and it might be good for the children as well. Just short distances, gradually increasing on a daily basis. If you are at high risk of a gynae cancer then most HRT’s will not be suitable, but you could talk to your GP about a non-oestrogen HRT. If you are depressed anyway then the post surgical effects will be exacerbating the problem and it will difficult to tell where the normal depression starts and the impact of surgery begins.

  10. I have a prolapse of the womb,and am due to have a hysterectomy next week.I am in my late sixty’s and am worried.The bladder is also prolapsed,and needs to be sorted .Just wondered if anyone has had a similar experience at this stage of life.

    1. Im 3 day’s post operative, I had a prolapsed bladder, bowel & womb maybe we could help each other through are recovery together. Did u have a vaginal hysterectomy? If you did how did u cope with ur stitches?

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