Hysteria Writing Competition

hysteria 4 coverThe Hysteria Writing Competition 2016 will commence on April 1st 2016. If you’d like to be reminded of the dates just fill in your details in the form below.

Competition categories:

  • Short stories – up to 2,000 words
  • Flash fiction – up to 250 words
  • Poetry up to 20 lines

We accept entries in any genre except erotica or horror.  We are NOT looking for stories, flash fiction or poetry about Hysterectomy. Instead, we are looking for works that appeal to our website visitors, who are mostly women between the ages of 25ish and 65ish.

All entries are to be made via our online shop where you can upload your entry as a .doc, .docx, rtf or txt format. No other file formats will be accepted and entries made using them will be disqualified.

Please make sure you read the guidelines and the rules before submitting your entry.

Entry Fees

  • Short Story – £5
  • Flash Fiction – £3
  • Poetry – £3

If you would like to be kept informed about dates and what’s happening with the writing competition please register with our mailing list below.


Cash prizes still to be announced for 2016.

9 runners up in each category will be published in the anthology Hysteria 5, due for publication in November 2016 and will receive a free copy of the anthology when it is published.

Anthologies from past competitions are available online and you can find links to them on our online shop below.

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If you would like to be kept informed about the Hysteria Writing Competition, sent dates and information about winners please add yourself to our mailing list.

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Meet Past Winners

Meet Past Judges

Meet past writers in residence

In 2014 we introduced the idea of a writer in residence for the competition. The purpose was to help by giving entrants hints and tips about how to write for a competition. We’ll be carrying on this year and hope to appoint a writer in residence shortly.

Additional important information

You can find the details of the rules and guidelines for the competition here: hysteria-competition-guidelines/

Please read the competition rules before submitting your entry. You can find the rules here: hysteria-competition-rules/

29 thoughts on “Hysteria Writing Competition

  1. Nothing hysterical about the Hysteria Writing Competition – very prompt turnaround and really good transparency about the entries, numbers and the process. Congratulations on hosting such a well organised and well run competition.

  2. Hi! I’ve entered the short story comp. I paid the entry and I keep getting a message saying: ‘your purchase has now been partially shipped’!!! Can someone please explain what that means? :-)

    1. Hi Marina. Partially shipped means we have received your entry but haven’t yet sent it to the judges. When we do that we mark the order as ‘complete’. :-)

  3. Hi I just wanted to ask if the rules are very strict when it comes to the length of your entry? I have a poem that is 30 lines not 20, I was just wondering if they would disqualify you for that?

    1. Hi Hannah, yes the rules are enforced so you would be disqualified.

  4. Hi, i just wanted to ask if the rules are strict about the length of writing. I have a poem however it is about 30 lines instead of 20. Is it possible to still send it in?

  5. I was just about to ask exactly the same question as Samantha!
    So really the rules should say non-exclusive worldwide licence, shouldn’t they?

    1. You are quite right and it has now been amended accordingly :-)

  6. I am interested in the poetry competition. Can you only enter the competition on-line?

    1. Hi Eunice. It depends on what you mean by ‘enter’, if you’re talking about payment we also accept cheques but you must submit your entry form through the online shop. You can then either send us your entry by email or upload it when you do the entry form. This is how we tie entries to people :-)

  7. Hi,
    I would like to submit an entry in the Hysteria Writing Competition, but first I would like to know; in regards to The Hysterectomy Association having exclusive worldwide license over the entry; does this mean that we cannot publish it anywhere else, ever?
    Or submit it to other competitions in the future, if we so wish?
    Or if I so happen to want to publish a book of my own ever, I cannot publish it in that either?

    Sorry, I just want to be sure on exactly what I can and cannot do with my piece of writing if I submit it in this competition.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Samantha. The agreement is simply that we have rights to publish winning entries. You can submit elsewhere if that’s allowed by other competition organisations or publish elsewhere too – it’s entirely up to you.

  8. Hello – this is a query about the short story competition 2013. I submitted a story today , then noticed a typo in it. I don’t mind paying another £3 to re-submit, but I wondered how you go about cancelling the first entry? Will I have to re-title the second entry to distinguish it from the first? I hope not, it ‘s the only title for the story, really. If I don’t submit the second version until tomorrow, 1st August, is there any way you can cancel the entry submitted today, 31st July? And if so, how do I go about letting someone know that is waht needs to be done? Sorry about this, it’s just been a ‘wish I hadn’t hit ‘send’ until I’d done one more final, final check’ moment!
    Hope you can help, best for now,

    1. Hi Shelia. It’s not a problem at all – just send the updated version directly to me and I’ll substitute the saved file. You can email it to info@hysterectomy-association.org.uk :-)

      1. Linda, thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly – I’m sorry to cause you extra work at your end. Will send it for the attention of *your name* at the e-mail address you’ve given. I’ll be able to keep the original title too!
        best wishes

      2. Hi Shelia, it really isn’t a problem at all :-) and thank you too ..!

  9. I love your web site and am interested in the short story competition. I am not familiar with how much your entry fee for the short story competition is, as I am from the US. Is this competition also for US citizens? Where are you located?

    1. Hi Karen, the competition is open to women all over the world as long as they are writing in English. The fee is roughly $5 in US dollars and we are based in the UK :-)

  10. I was thrilled to find that my story had been shortlisted. I had not previously heard of the Hysterectomy Association, and found out about the competition through an advertisement for the 2012 Charmouth Literary Festival organised by Linda Parkinson-Hardman. A very reasonable entry fee for such a good cause – with the added bonus of seeing my work in print in this excellent anthology.

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