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Hysterectomy and weight gain

Many women complain about gaining weight after a hysterectomy and they often put it down to the surgery itself. However, it is entirely possible that weight put on after a hysterectomy is simply down to not modifying the amount eaten to take account of the hugely reduced amount of exercise being taken and comfort eating.

It is unfortunate as well, that the majority of hysterectomies take place when women are entering a phase of life where it is more difficult to shed the extra pounds due to changes in the metabolism.

If a woman has an abdominal hysterectomy, she may also appear to gain weight simply because of where the scar is situated, which can seem to create a sort of ‘pouch’ effect. The swelling in this area does go down in time, but the abdomen will never be completely flat again.

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  1. I had a hysterectomy 5 weeks ago but I still getting pain usually in one side . I am doing house work as well not every thing but little little may be that’s why I get pain . I am scared about a hernia as well. Everything alright ?

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