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When is it OK to have sex after a hysterectomy?

When you have a hysterectomy you will have internal wounds that require healing. These will be around the neck of the vagina or just above the cervix, depending on what was removed during your surgery. Even if you have a vaginal hysterectomy, these wounds will need to heal.

Sexual intercourse is not recommended until these wounds have completely healed, this can take around six weeks. If you have been given a follow-up appointment with your hospital it would be wise to wait until you have been examined; if you have not been given an appointment with your hospital, then making an appointment with your GP to have a check-up would be advisable.

The reason you need to wait until healing has taken place is because there is a risk of infection to the wound and damage to the stitches and newly forming skin.

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  1. Same here I’m 47years old I had a TAH my sex drive have went from 0 to 100 I gave in to my husband at 4 1/2 weeks he tried to stay away but it was me…. I felt really bad afterwards because I had a little bleeding and a little cramping praying I didn’t need to call my doctor I would have been so embarrassed couple hours later I was fine

  2. Ok, so I am 3 weeks post op from full hysterectomy and desperate for sex but I’m going to wait until 6 weeks ??

  3. I’m 24 day out of my abdominal hysterectomy and today I had sex I feel ok no pain just the guilt of not waiting my 8 weeks what do I do should I just wait if anything happens?

    1. Pat its been 18 days till I had my csection/hysterectomy and I had sex with my husband. I haven’t experienced no pain no nothing just the guilt as well. I was hoping you could respond back to me and let me know if later you experienced any pain or infections? I’m too worried ?

  4. I just had sex with my partner who is pretty big it’s been 3 weeks 5 days but there is a puddle of blood in my bed and it hurts to sit down it all hurts what do I do. I am scared to go to doc or tell him I had sex

  5. Its 12wks post hysterectomy,so last nighti tried having sex,but I started bleeding and now i’m experiencing slight lower abdominal pain,should I b worried

  6. Laparoscopic assisted partial yesterday. My Dr is super conservative. She had me try everything for about 5 years before agreeing to a hysterectomy. She says nothing vaginal for 12 weeks. Surgery was perfect, no bleeding I’m walking around. I have a vacation planned in 6 weeks with my BF who I only see every few weeks to begin with. I feel she is being overly cautious. Other than the anemia I have no issues. No diabetes, no high blood pressure. Any thoughts?

  7. I’m 27 y/o with 3 prior c-sections. I had total abdominal hysterectomy on 7/8 and went for my post op checkup yesterday at 3wk 4days post op. My GYN said no intercourse for 8 more weeks until he sees me again!!! I’m dying over here. I am diabetic (type 1) so, I know healing is slower but, GEEEEEZ! Does anyone have any experience with a similar situation? I only waited 10-14days after each c-section. I’ve felt great haven’t had any bleeding or discharge since I left the hospital 2nd day post op.

  8. I had my lsh on 5.23.16. Went for my post op checkup today. My Dr cleared me for sex. Is only been 3 1/2 weeks. I guess I’ll see how I feel in the morning. ?

  9. I’m not sure how this all works however I had total hysterectomy 4 and a half weeks ago feel really good have both ovaries my post op final check is in a week and 2 days but I find…..this is blunt…..I want to have sex super bad with the hubby more than ever before I need encouragement to stay strong because I feel so good I’m thinking of trying it

    1. Same here.. I’m @40yrs old, pretty healthy other than the heavy bleeding, and abnormal periods.
      I had a partial abdominal hysterectomy 06/07/16….my one week check up is tomorrow and I am already going to try to get my gynecologist to narrow down a time frame for me. I’ve immediately stopped bleeding the day of the operation, minimal pain, the only pain medications that I took were a Tylenol and Motrin combination. And to be quite honest, I’ve found gratification by self stimulation, nothing rigorous of course. I’m quite happy to say that my libido is intact and still high, WHEW!!!!!!!

    2. My exact experience – I am 2 wks out today and we have played around since day 5 ? – was happy to know orgasm was still easy to reach. Ready for sex but my doc said 8 wks – hoping at my 4 wk check up he lowers that!!!

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