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What are the things I must avoid after my hysterectomy?

Question: I’ve been told that there are a number of things I need to avoid after I have my hysterectomy next month; however I haven’t been told what they are. Can you give me some information please.

Our Answer: The most common things you need to avoid are bending from the waist (say to take washing out of a machine or picking things up from the floor), stretching (say to get something from a high shelf in a cupboard) and lifting anything that is too heavy. However, what is classed as too heavy is variable depending on you and your own body. With each of these actions you use your abdominal muscles extensively and most of the time we aren’t aware of doing so. After a hysterectomy bending, stretching and lifting are using muscles which will have been traumatised by surgery.

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  1. Hi i just had a hysterectomy done from keyhole and not much was said when comeing home. I have try to do the washing machine up and since than my stomach been killing me. I know i should of as i only had it done on Wednesday and came home Friday from hospital. Is there any information you could send me and how long recovery time please

  2. When I resumed in my bowling again after my hysterectomy surgery because I have my special Olympics bowling on October 13,2016?please e-mail me before October 13,2016 special Olympics bowling.

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