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How long will it take me to recover?

A doctor or gynaecologist will normally say that it takes around six weeks to recover from an abdominal hysterectomy.

However, our anecdotal evidence suggests that the vast majority of women are off work for around 13 weeks if they have an abdominal hysterectomy, when they do return to work they may do so part time for a while. If you have a vaginal hysterectomy, the recovery time is much reduced because you have no abdominal incision – however you will still need to recover internally and again our anecdotal evidence suggests that eight to ten weeks is normal.

Your return to work will also be affected by the type of work that you do, therefore if you do heavy work or are standing for much of the day, or it is particularly stressful, you may need to take longer before considering going back.

344 thoughts on “How long will it take me to recover?

  1. I had a vaginal hysterectomy 5 weeks ago I feel much better but a slight lower abdominal pain is there and my thighs hurt a bit still having a little discharge wonder when that will go away! Not doing much work but walking around the house I have house help which is a blessing.The doctor was very optimistic and said I could get back to normal activities but I’m not feeling upto it. Am I being too careful .I’m 67 years old and had a prolapsed uterus.

  2. hi
    can anyone advise me ,i am having a hysterectomy done on 30th November i’m having it done vaginally and my ovaries are being left,i work in an office and do a sit down job i just want to know if anyone else has a similar op and what was the recovery time as i was hoping to get back after 2 weeks is this a bit optimistic?
    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Kim.
      I have had a tah with all removed.
      All textbook and 5 weeks post op. Now
      2 weeks is TOO SOON to go back to work.
      Please give yourself 6 weeks even if you feel great, your muscles and internal organs and stitches all need to heal and that needs boring but SO worth it. Time and time.

      Rest, Kim, rest and rest some more.
      Good luck with your Op and get well soon

  3. I am 6 months post op. I was feeling relatively OK from the 3rd month but at the 6th month mark I started feeling fatigued again and my back pain is back. Also had a virus with symptoms like constant headache, sore back, sore joints and fever. My gynae put me on antibiotics and pain meds and booked me off for a couple of days. Because I was feeling better I was doing more and that sat me back.

  4. Hi I am nearly 4 months post TAHBSO ..back to work nursing in general practice. Feel exhausted at the week end s along way from normal life at home.I expected to go back wards presume this is normal. Wouldn’t be without HRT.previously fit good diet .52 yes old.feeling older !! Refusing to accept that !

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