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Let’s face it, once you have recovered you are unlikely to want some of the books you may have purchased, or need some of the specialist clothing either. You have two choices, to give them away or put them to the back of the cupboard. An alternative would be to sell them to another woman who is just about to go through the same experience as you. You get to recoup some of the cost and they get the benefit of purchasing something at a fraction of the cost. The Hysterectomy Association benefits because we make a small admin charge for every item when it is sold (not before, but after the sale is made).

However, you may decide that you wish to sell your item to another woman instead recouping a little of the expenditure you incurred, and we offer you the chance to do this through our online shop.

We operate a set of fixed prices for second-hand items and will add your item to our inventory for that item. The price charged will be dependent on the quality of the item being sold.

Excellent/As New Quality 60% of New Cost
Good – Small Amounts of Wear 50% of New Cost
Reasonable – Obvious signs of wear/damage 40% of New Cost
Used – Well Used 30% of New Cost

How It Works

  1. You complete our Sell My Item form with the details of the product you wish to sell
  2. If the product is one that we commonly sell in our store it will be subject to the fixed prices we operate, detailed above
  3. Your item will then be added to our inventory list for the item and quality listing; these are maintained in strict orders of receipt
  4. When your item sells we notify you that the item has sold and send you the purchasers name and address for shipping
  5. You post the item to the buyer and receive a confirmation of postage from your shipper
  6. When you have posted the item let us know and we will credit your account in line with our normal accounting procedures.

If you sell or give your item away before it has sold, we would appreciate it if you would notify us as soon as possible so that we can remove it from our inventory.


When you sell your item through the Hysterectomy Association, the buyer is charged a fixed delivery charge in line with the size and weight of the item being sold. These fees are charged in line with the costs we charge for goods shipped directly from the Hysterectomy Association. We pass the postage charged to your buyer on to you to help cover your delivery costs.

All our sellers are required to offer standard delivery. You must cover the postage costs even if the postage credit does not cover all delivery costs. Such discrepancies should be accounted for in the price you set.  You must ensure you receive a proof of posting when you ship your item as we will not be held liable for the non-delivery of goods.


An administration fee of £1 will be charged per item sold; this will be automatically deducted from the balance that is paid to you.

All credits to your account will take place at the end of the month following the transaction. This is to ensure that we have dealt with any possible claims for non-delivery.  Therefore, if you sell your book in October, your account will be credited at the end of November.

All credits to seller accounts will be made to a nominated PayPal account.

The Hysterectomy Association is not registered for VAT therefore we do not charge VAT on seller fees. If this were to change, we will notify all sellers who have goods listed with us in advance of their item being sold.

Example: Fees Associated with Selling a Copy of 101 Handy Hints for a Happy Hysterectomy (Excellent Condition)

Item Cost £4.20 (60% of Normal Price of £7.00)
Postage Fee Charged to Buyer: £1.90 (Standard Postage on this product)
Total Cost to Buyer: £6.10
Less Administration Fee: £1.00
Total Credit to Seller Account: £5.10

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