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The Hysterectomy Association provides women all over the world with the opportunity to take an active part in their long term health and well-being.  Everyone is welcome to read the information we provide and download our free booklet, Hysterectomy, the Basics without having to join.

We have two membership options, the first is our basic membership. At just £1.00 a year it gives you access to our online forums where you can talk with other women.  The second is our full membership and this gives a host of other benefits too and we’ve created a handy list comparing both membership options below:

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Become a FULL Member today and help support The Hysterectomy Association into the future too.

Find out what others think

I’ve found the whole website extremely useful and comforting especially the step by step guide I’ve shown it to my friends and family and I think it’s been quite an eye opener for them too, to the extent they are reminding me what I should and shouldn’t be doing ( although my body soon reminds me when I’ve done too much!) I think the guide has made me realise it is ok to go to bed when tired and not do too much and that I’m not just being lazy! Or that something is drastically wrong. I like reading some of the forums too as you do feel a little isolated and alone when you’ve had the op not sure why as there are plenty of visitors I suppose they haven’t had the same op though.

I’d like to say well done for all the tips and good advice. I am a 34 yr old woman with two kids but I had wanted more. However, due to severe endometriosis and cysts, I needed a hysterectomy. I read your tips and feel that I am not alone. Sometimes I get quite depressed but I read the online forums and I feel better… so thanks a bunch. I am really happy I found u)

I can’t thank you enough for all the information you have sent to me.  It has been very lonely and somewhat scary after my repair and vaginal hysterectomy.  Without finding your site and reading what happened to the other lovely ladies and their experiences I think my recovery would have been much longer and  you have reassured me so much with everything that I have been experiencing.  All the pain, wind problems, bowel pain etc., the list goes on and on as you are aware. I also had an infection and I was admitted back into hospital (only for a few hours whilst they checked me over) so antibiotics were given to me and I now feel much better and back on track for recovery.  My guidance has come from this site mostly because I couldn’t get doctors appointments and I think reading and sharing experiences with women who have been through this procedure is the only accurate information I needed.  You have indeed been a life line to me and I thank you so much for all the help and reassurance you have given me. Sue

Get Your FREE Hysterectomy Booklet plus Daily Hints and Tips

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