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This research survey is trying to help us find out whether women who have been abused in some way are more likely to have a hysterectomy than those who haven’t been abused.

Over the last 20 years, a significant number of women have talked to us by email, the forums and our help line, about experiencing some form of abuse in their past history. They talk about this topic in general, rather than in relation to their current health or surgery. The number is large enough to make us wonder if there is a link between experiencing different types of abuse (as an adult or in childhood) and having a hysterectomy; and we would really appreciate your help to work out whether this needs more in-depth research.

For the last 20+ years the Hysterectomy Association has pioneered research into the areas of women’s health impact that are underfunded and under-represented in the current UK health landscape. Our aim, through all our research surveys, is to provide a body of evidence that helps improve the lives and health of women in the future. With this material we can lobby for changes in the way women are treated and supported through their health choices.

Please can you help us by completing the survey form regardless of or not you have had a hysterectomy or experienced any form of abuse. It shouldn’t take more than 3-5 minutes to complete and will help us hugely put together a more formal research project, if the survey shows there is a link.

Thanks, in advance for helping.


Please Note: In some questions you can select multiple responses, please hold your CTRL key down at the same time as making your selections.

Get Your FREE Hysterectomy Booklet plus Daily Hints and Tips

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