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Deep abdominal exercises to help recover after hysterectomy

There is a lot of confusion about how you can best recover after a hysterectomy. Sometimes it’s easier to be shown what you can do rather than have a written list. The following video from Michelle Kenway demonstrates how to do the Kegel exercises correctly.

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  1. Its 5months since I had my hysterectomy, have now returned to doing abs exercises, but have noticed spotting – can anyone advise?

  2. Since a hysterectomy last November and surgery to correct a bladder prolapse, I have gained a lot of weight (despite resuming the 5:2 Fast Diet in January), I have a much larger stomach and I am suffering mild urinary incontinence. I am also suffering pain during intercourse, so I’m afraid the surgery has left me half the woman I was. I have had tests which show there is nothing physical causing the pain, and my bladder weakness is a result of my urethra being straightened.

    What can I do about the vaginal pain? I miss physical love so much. And the bladder weakness is not improving despite tablets and religious practice of the Kegel exercises. And are there any exercises I can do to strengthen my lower abdomen? Sit-ups of course are forbidden after a prolapse, but those are the muscles that seem to have died.

    1. Hi Vivian,

      I am recovering from major surgery from stage 111C Ovarian cancer.I have very similar probelms to you plus have an iliostomy bag now. I understand your frustration. I started to do modified abdominal exercises which do not put pressure on your pelvic floor. If you want to talk sometime Id love to see if you want to be in a research project that I am doing with core work post abdomional surgery.

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