Recovery after a hysterectomy is a very personal experience which means that your experience will be unique and unlike anyone else’s. It is governed by a huge range of factors that include: how ill you have been leading up to your hysterectomy, how you react to anaesthetic, why you had your operation, what type of operation you had, your age, general fitness levels, how much support you have at home, the type of work you do and whether you have additional stressors to deal with (such as small children or dependent relatives). Of course this list is not exclusive and there may be other additional factors to take into account.

Because your recovery is governed by such a complex range of differing things, this means that there is no set guideline for when you should, or shouldn’t be doing any particular activities. You will recover at your own rate, and not one pre-determined by your doctor, gynaecologist, employer, friend or relations. In fact, expectations of recovery times can hinder rather than help.

  • During your operation, you may well have been catheterised. It means that straight after the operation when you are at your most uncomfortable you do not have to worry about going to a toilet to pass urine; this will be simply passed into a bag at your side and emptied regularly by the nurses. It will be removed after the first 24 hours and is painless.
  • Immediately after your hysterectomy you may find you are attached to a PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia), this is usually morphine. This means you will be in control of your own pain medication.
  • Drink plenty of water, to replace that lost through the anaesthetic and operation. You will probably be attached to a saline drip to help you re-hydrate as well.
  • You may have some slight vaginal bleeding; this is normal and should soon clear up.
  • A mild and gentle laxative can help you to open your bowels, this will make you feel more comfortable. You might also have from trapped wind and indigestion due to lack of movement; this can be relieved by medication and/or by gentle exercise.
  • Once you return home you must make sure that you are taking things easy (however what ‘easy’ is can be difficult to determine). Your hospital physiotherapist may give some exercises to do to help you get back to full mobility.
  • As you shouldn’t be lifting anything heavy, such as shopping, for a while it is important that you have a support network around the help out. If you live alone and this isn’t possible ask your nurse for the details of the local support network that can help.
  • Gentle walking, a little further each day, will help to get your circulation working properly and begin to eliminate any anaesthetic still lingering.
  • A little back ache, discomfort in the abdomen, are common for the first few weeks after surgery. If you have a browny discharge this should change to creamy white. You may also notice that any internal stitches are passed out of the body as well.
  • If you have any additional pain, pus, fresh blood or smelly discharge after you have returned home you should see your doctor as soon as possible.
  • It is normally around six to twelve weeks before patients think about a return to work, however this will depend on the type of work that you do, for instance if you have to do heavy lifting or very physical work it may take a lot longer to recover fully enough to return.

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  1. Virendra Jain says :

    Your above new web site is more user friendly than earlier one.
    It shows major links at the front page itself.

    Virendra Jain

  2. As you can see I am not really computer literate, I have had an hysterectomy and am wondering how long after surgery is it safe to go on the sunbed.

  3. As scar tissue is particularly sensitive it is always recommended not to show it to the sun (and sunbeds as they are that much stronger) for twelve months or more.

  4. I have a vaginal hysterectomy about 5 weeks ago and I am starting to feel depressed is this normal, I feel pre menstral, angry, emotional and agitated, I am only youngish (40) and I am worried about what it will do to me in the long term

  5. Sounds like you could be experiencing hormonal imbalance and it may help to have a look at the menopause information on the website.

  6. just getting over a viginal hysterectomy im 37 in two weeks time and starting to feel a bit depressed, no energy,angry and agrivated .. i feel that no one is bothered now as im up and walking about. No one asks me how I’m feeling and if theres anything I would like to do??? I’m hating it right at the moment. I never had my ovarys removed so im guessing it cant be my hormones. I have two boys 11 and 8. I had the hysterectomy due to having infections caused by the marina coil and pre cancer problems in the past along with another few complications. I’m just looking for an answer or really for some one to actually listen to me thanks for reading ladies x

    1. Hi Tracey, it’s one of the reasons I often advocate staying in PJ’s for as long as possible – just to make the point! And, even though you didn’t remove the ovaries, your hormones will still be in ‘shock’ from the surgery.

  7. Hi!, Is there any post surgery symptoms? Two years ago my mother (52 years old now) got the hysterectomy, and now is feeling nervous, can’t sleep and only a little eat. She visited the doctor and prescribed antidepressants and hormones. I do not know nothing about this, so I will appreciate some kind of advice or links to the subject. Thanks in advance.

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      It could well be that your Mum is menopausal hence the hormone treatment, it might be worth asking her to request a blood oestrogen test from her GP to ascertain if that’s possible.

  8. it’s been 3 1/2 weeks since i had my surgery and I have to say it’s been better thenI ever expected… I had a vaginal Hysterectomy, bladder and rectum repair. Today I ran a few errands but not lifting or anything. A few hours later when laying on couch I started to bleed some. I would say slightly heavy spotting. Is this normal?

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      Hi Lisa, some spotting is common post hysterectomy and is associated with internal stitches and healing. However, you may also have exacerbated things by running the errands, so it’s worth taking a little time to fully recover before doing any more.

      1. I am 12 days post op after TAH BSO. I am concerned because although everyone tells you to walk after the op I can barely manage a few minutes before I have a terrible burning pain on the left side of my wound. The pain is so bad that I have to lie down:( There swelling there but no discharge and I do not have a temperature. I was very active prior to the op and this lack of mobility is getting me down. Are my expectations too high, should I speak to my GP or leave it another week and see if I improve ?

        1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

          I think you should speak to your GP as you should be able to walk without a burning pain by now – even if it’s not that far.

  9. Hi i had a vaginal hysterectomy on the 29/01/13 i have just started to bleed again and loosing some clots, is this normal? also suffering from lower backache and abdominal pain just finished antibiotics for an infection last week.

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      Some spotting post op is perfectly normal and can start several weeks after surgery, however if it’s heavy or very fresh then you’ll need to visit your GP for a quick examination.

  10. I had a full hysterectomy at end of December due to a large cyst on my ovary. It was my first operation and feel so so down, My incision is still very red and tender. I had a lot of help when I first came out of hospital but now feel forgotten. Is this normal?

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      Unfortunately it is Debs, people are very solicitious immediately after the op but by now they’ll be expecting you to be getting back to normal, even though that is far from the case. Your emotional health will be affected by many things including the surgery and hormonal ups and downs. The scar will take time to heal but should be feeling less red and tender by now, so a visit to the GP might be in order.

      1. I also had a full hysterectomy in November as i had a very large ‘mass’, after surgery i was told it was Ovarian Cancer but they were certian i was now clear, but although i have a four monthly blood test and i see my GP regulary, i still feel very concerned with the lack of help i am recieving, my family think the same, that i am very lucky, which indeed i am, but it was and is still a very hard situation for me to cope with even after five months, am i in that possition!!

        1. I would imagine that dealing with a cancer diagnosis is always going to be hard Sue and it’s great you have your family to support you. Have you spoken to your GP about your concerns?

      2. Thank you so much for the quick reply, this site is great and has answered a lot of my questions.

  11. i had an abdominal hysterectomy 2 and a half weeks ago…..had an issue with an accumilation of fluid that was pressing up against the insision (painful !!) and i still have alot of leg swelling!!! and i try to get up and about to get all the gas bubbles worked out . just now i am starting to spot. its a brown almost black and an occasional bright red with it…….is all this normal??? when are you able to lie in youre own bed…on youre side?????? i want my bed back!! lol and also………is it normal that when you go pee… feel pressure towards the end of going? im thinking its because everything is still swelled up! ???

    1. I had a total hysterectomy 6weeks ago, & although i am recovering good i am experiencing servere hot flushes sweats which i’m really uncomfortable with. The consult can not explain this. Can you please give me any suggestions??

      1. Sounds like menopausal symptoms kicking. In 50% of cases where the ovaries are retained women will go through the menopause within five years of surgery. A visit to your GP to get a blood oestrogen test and a chat about HRT would be the best thing to do.

    2. The bleeding you are talking about is perfectly normal Bridgett and will pass. It might be that you also have a minor bladder infection too so worth visiting your GP I think.

  12. Two weeks ago I went into hospital for a myomectomy. Just before the operation the surgeon met with me and told me that myomectomy was meant for women who still want children and that a hysterectomy would be a quicker operation with less bleeding. He convinced me to change to a hysterectomy and I am now really regretting this hasty decision. I feel shocked that I made such a life changing decision which is irreversable under such circumstances. How can I get over this?

    1. Have you considered making a complaint Helen?

  13. Hi, just been told that I have to undergo vaginal hysterectomy in few months, am really anxious and worried, about all the hormonal changes which would happen. i didn’t realise that early menopause kick in too. Would it leave me putting on weight ?? Just confused and worried

    1. It really depends on whether you have your ovaries removed or not. Early menopause may start in 50% of women that have their ovaries retained. As for weight it is generally associated with the change in our bodies that happens around the time we go through menopause as much as menopause itself.

  14. Hi i am 50 yr. I have to have a hyst due to they cannot stop the bleeding . I have hgb of 4.1 I have had 8 transfusions over a few days. To get my hgb to 10 and now I am having the surgery the thing is I would like to keep my ovaries but my dr. Dosent know why, there has been no reason they can give me to have them removed except they figure why not. Any help ????

    1. You don’t have to have anything removed you don’t want to Sherry and if there is no medical reason (cancer, endometriosis etc ..) then you can say to keep them.

  15. hi just had total adominal hysterectomy 2 weeks ago im in a lot of disscomfort at the moment im resting but when i pee it stils hurt afterwards wht the course for this? plus i keep crying and thts not like me im 47 when will i start to feel me again? i cant sleep at night

    1. It’s normal to have an emotional upset after a hysterectomy, your body has been traumatised and it’s one way of coping with it, you will be in hormonal dissaray and the anaesthesia will still be working it’s way out of the system. It might be worth seeing your GP to make sure you don’t have a minor infection which is very common.

  16. I’m 3 weeks post op. vaginal hysterectomy everything taken. Concerned about recovery I seem to do well in the morning after a nights rest but as the day goes on I have to lay down. Tummy still swollen, feel light pain and twinges either side (as if where the ovaries used to be!) a little lower back ache and just tired of not being my usual active working woman, in the gym, driving my mini woman. Also a little tearful and lots of night sweats. I am age 57 and post menopausal.

    I think this is all normal but would like to know when can I expect to feel really well no pain or discomfort back in full swing and enjoying my man again? I am impatient!

    1. It sounds perfectly normal Lindy, if you think of a swollen ankle, you will use it during the day and it will swell as the day progresses, then it goes down overnight. Each day it swells a tiny bit less :-)

  17. Hi I had a total hysterectomy on 4/3/13 I stayed in hospital for two days the only aftercare is that I go up to my clinic to have my clips removed noboby as give me any advice on what happens after is this normal

    1. Hi Denise, yes that is common for many women.

  18. I am going tues for a full hysterectomy. I have had such awful migraines in the last few years and yes I have them every month. I finally decided after hours waiting in an ER dept. on many occastions to go see a dr. I had to get some kind of help. The dr. couldnt save for sure it will work but was pretty sure it would stop my migraines. I would suffer so much some months and I could stand it others times, I wanted to bang my head through a wall. He said my hormones must be spiking so much it was causing my pain. I will try anything to get rid of my migrianes. My quality of life each month has been cut down alot dealing with this. So I pray it works.

    1. Hopefully the hysterectomy will help somewhat, however if it is your hormones that are the problem then dealing with the cause of the spikes (the ovaries) should sort it out.

  19. i have been told i need a hysterectomy i,m 35 and have two children my support network are going to be away and both familys have left me to look after elderly relatives how will i manage

    1. By telling them what you need and explaining that you will not be able to continue looking after the elderly relatives, if necessary they will need to speak with the social services.

  20. Hello! My sister had the abdominal hysterectomy due to ovarian cancer seven months ago. Last month she had radiation therapy to kill some remaining cancer cells. Now she’s returning to the normal life and experiencing certain problems with sex because of the shorter vaginal canal. Is the vaginal dilator her only help, or should she also consider some other therapy/excercise? (Her doctor’s advice is entirely about surgery and therapy, and she was not informed about extra aids to help her recovery) Thanks!

    1. Hi Irene, I’m not sure I can answer that question as you would hope as I don’t have the experience needed to do so. Vaginal dilation may help in some cases and if your sister wishes to try it then it might be worth chatting it through with her doctor first.

      1. I see. Thanks for the reply!

        She will surely discuss it with a doctor. Unfortunately, her present therapist is herself unsure about what should be done after the surgery.

        Thanks again for your time and advice!

  21. Hi im a week into my total laperscopic hysterectomy and im so constipated an suffering from trapped wind any suggestions ?

    1. Thank u linda this web site is amazing ! Sooo informative and caring . Im really suffering at mo ! Dr thinks I’ve got urine infection. Im in pain when weeing, keep having blood in urine too . Im feeling very depressed at mo ! I feel like everyone expects too much of me and we have a lot of family problems which are not helping my mood! Wishing I never had it done But im hopeful this is just a bad time. Thanks for listening. Sue x

      1. Hi Sue, you are very welcome and it will get better, it just takes time but when we are ill and in pain we feel that it’s taking too long. The urine infection is normal, most women get them. :-)

        1. Thank u linda for your support and all the information an advice it is invaluable . Im back at work now and feel soo much better , but am listening to my body as I get really tired and you have to accept you cant do everything as before op ! So take care all and read this site its invaluable .x

          1. Thanks Sue for your lovely comment and you have given some valuable advice there too :-)

    2. OK here’s the list Sue: walking a short distance each day several times a day, drinking peppermint tea, rubbing your belly gently clockwise, rocking back and forwards when you sit on the loo, plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet and drink warm water with lemon juice :-)

      1. Liquorice tea is brilliant

  22. I found this site very interesting. I had a full hysterectomy done by keyhole 2 weeks ago. On my return home after one night in hospital I read the booklet they supplied. According to that I should be going for 10 minute walk and making drinks and light lunch! Gobsmacked is an under statement. Just had operation, got my blood pressure etc taken every 2 hours until the time I left hospital. There was no way I was doing any of that I went home to bed for some sleep! The only info given is dont lift kettle or do hoovering. No mention of feeling mentally retarded,instant hot flushes and feeling totally worn out majority of the time. I know everyone is different and recovery times vary but surely they can come up with a little more useful and informative information other than dont lift heavy kettle or hoover?

    1. It’s a sad fact Carole that lack of information was what inspired the Hysterectomy Association to be created back in the mid 1990’s and it’s still the biggest issue today.

      1. I was told even less, I had my op 30 April out 4 days later, nobody said anything. I had more information off my very good friend who had the op 1 week before me at a different hospital. So this site is great for me, just so I know I am not alone.

  23. hi. i had full abdominal hystrectomy with adhesions repairs from 2 previous c sections on 5th march 2013 and i am still getting sharp like pains in place where uterus would have been this is very painfull like i am being cut open with a sharp blade can you tell me if this is normal. thanks.

    1. Yes, that can happen to some women although if it carries on it would be worth visiting the GP to make sure it’s not an infection.

  24. Hi, I had a total hysterectomy 18 days ago I have noticed today little black bits when I wipe after a wee is this stitche’s or something else and is it normal for my incision still to ne tender. Thanks for your help in advance.

    1. The black bits could be blood coming away from the internal wounds, you may also notice a light fresh bleed as well. If it’s still tender then perhaps a visit to the GP might be helpful to rule out any infections.

  25. Had total abdo hystrectomy 8 days ago, plus right oopherectomy, drain inserted right side, keep having burning sensation right side around site ?drain on antibiotics, and have dissolvable suture, think also twisted funny, burning uncomfortable any ideas what could be?

    1. It could be an infection Michelle, so worth visiting the doctor.

  26. Amouri vd Merwe says :

    Hi, i went for hysterectomy 9 July 2012, kept ovaries but nothing else, there is a white discharge, almost most of the month, the problem is it feels like i have bladder infection all of the time very painful. What can i do?
    Thank you! Looking foward to hear from you!

    1. If it feels like you have an infection then you need to visit your doctor to get it checked out. A white discharge is quite a common sign of a normal menstrual cycle and it is possible for this to continue despite having a hysterectomy. You may also experience some pain with the cycle because you have your ovaries.

  27. I had a hysterectomy and a anteral prolapce repair Jan 24th approx 10 weeks ago. I am age 58 usually quiet healthy and energetic. I am still getting considerable
    pain on my right side just under my ribs, this does also ocur sometimes on the left side the
    pain varies not always being present. I have had an ultra scan Kidneys looked okay have had a course of antibotics pain did go, but re started again five days later. I am now starting another course of antibotics. G.P. said major surgery, pain could be part of the surgery not uncommon
    to have pain. could you please comment whether other women also complain of pain just under
    ribs right and left side.
    Many thanks Ann

    1. Hi Ann, I can say that many women experience post op infections and as a result are likely to suffer pain. It looks like your GP is trying to find out the cause at the moment and hopefully the antibiotics will help.

      1. Hi, I am having a similar problem its been nine weeks since my hysterectomy they took ovaries and uterus still really tired and weak and experiancing also pains in my side by ribs front and back my right side and some times left. Also having low pains by my pelvic bone which makes it difficult to walk far also through the day the pains get worse in my stomache and higher middle. The doctor has done a water test nothing showed and I have been for blood tests and she arranging a scan. Am a bit worried at the moment is this normal? I thought I would be feeling a lot better by now

        1. I can’t say that it’s normal Sharon because I have no idea why you are having these problems. Hopefully the scan will reveal something for you.

  28. Hi I had a hysterectomy 2 weeks ago, everything except ovaries. Can I stop wearing those awful pressure stockings yet? I want to rip them to bits they are awful though necessary. My recovery seems to be going well, had an infection in the site and was quick to get it sorted and all is well. I’m 53 and it was an abdominal hysterectomy due to a Manchester repair 16 yrs ago,

    1. Hi Suzzane, it really depends on what advice you were given from the hospital about the stockings and if you are walking much – the more you walk the faster you’ll recover and the less likely you’ll have a thrombosis.

  29. Hi, I had my total hysterectomy (everything went) about 10 years ago and had no problems. Just recently I noticed a white discharge and wonder what this could be. There are no other signs or symptoms, not itchy or painful. I really notice it after I have done a workout at the gym. It could be easier to notice in that I wear black pants. Can you give me any advise please.

    1. It’s probably worth a quick check with the GP Linda just to make sure that all is OK. :-)

  30. I had total hysterectomy feb. 19 this year. I bleed a little after intercourse.

  31. 6days post operation and feel like I have a baby’s foot stuck under my ribs, finding it painful to breath and get pains akin to Labour which come in waves. All research points to wind and constipation but nothing I take or do seems to help. District nurse coming to give me a supository which I’m hoping will ease the pain, I’ve tried peppermint tea wind ease e.g. e.g. but nothing helping any tips would be gratefully accepted

    1. Hi Carys, It certainly does sound like wind and constipation. It really is the most painful side effect of the surgery but it does go in time :-)

  32. Hi Linda, I had a full hysterectomy on the 28th of jan 2013, I got an infection on my left side under the incision, I am still getting pain down that one side, it feels all tingly. When I pee it still hurts towards the end, I do not have a water infection as I have had a pee test. My surgery was very invasive due to the fact it was quite a mess in there, this is according to my surgeon. is all this normal?…….

    1. The tingly feeling could be the nerves regenerating Paula and it might be worth talking to your GP again as you may well have a lingering water infection that didn’t get picked up with the test.

      1. Thank you for that, I have been back to the Doc’s and have got to provide another pee sample. They are going to send it away for testing so fingers crossed it will get sorted.

  33. Hi had abomnal hysterectomy 7 days ago had endemetrotias and had my ovaries tubes and womb and part of my cervex removed part of cervex removed due to part being stuck to my bowel said the endemetrotis was all over bowel said this should die trouble I’m having is wen I eat anything about 45mins later I have the runs with a lot off pain could you tell me is this normal

    1. Sounds like you have a minor infection Louise and it would be worth seeing your GP for a check-up :-)

  34. Hi I am having a hysterectomy on the 11th may, a bit worried and concerned etc as to what to expect afterwards, not sure if I am making the best decision, even tho I have been advised to have one ! Can’t afford to put on weight after, is that a major side effect? Just need advise really. Thank you for listening ?

    1. Weight gain can be an issue after hysterectomy and normally occurs because of the change in hormonal balance, together with the very reduced activity during recovery. The trick is to eat healthily and no snacking :-)

  35. I am 60 years old (post-menopausal approx ten years) and am now 8 weeks post laparoscopic vaginal hysterectomy/bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy/anterior wall prolapse repair. Post-op recovery has progressed satisfactorily in all other aspects except I returned to my full time occupation on a part-time phased return (over the next month) two days ago following a company Occi-health assessment a week ago at which I apparently “ticked all the boxes” as being fit for work, despite my protestations that I am still suffering extreme fatigue and a “muzzy head” (concentrating is like wading through treacle). I hold a responsible admin position in a national corporate company. Health professionals, friends and colleagues all say I “look well” (I have always looked younger than my years) even though I feel awful. GP has taken a full blood count inc thyroid function test to omit any underlying cause and all is normal. I realise it can take time to feel fully well again but I had high expectations of feeling a whole lot better than I do when returning to work at the eight week mark. I am left feeling upset and frustrated that nobody appears to understand or accepts (? without hard investigative evidence of some other underlying cause) that I am struggling to cope day to day or indeed is able offer any advice ( I refer to the Health Professionals) on if and when the light the end of the tunnel will appear or best how to cope in the meantime. Has anyone else suffered similarly and can offer advice?

    1. go back to your gp and ask to be signed off for another while. Only you really know if you are fit for work. Just 2 weeks post op and we asked the nurses about going back to work. Everyone of them said 3 months as you only get one chance at recovery. Work can wait until you are in full health. Look after yourself!

    2. Hi Gill, The average time taken to return to work is between 9 and 13 weeks (depending on the type of job you do) and it is normal to feel tired for up to two years post op. Only you know what you are capable of and if you are feeling ill then I’d suggest seeing your GP and asking for a sick note for a few more weeks.

  36. Hi Linda, I had a full hysterectomy due to a large fibroid over 11cm in size and scar tissue. I’m now post op a week. I had complications, lost over two pints of blood. Didn’t realise the amount of pain I would suffer. I’m having problems with my bladder and bowels. It painful when my bladder is emptying. My bowels are so painful, never had such intense pain, not constipated. Bowels and stomach go into spasms and as I’m emptying the pain increases. Is this part of the post op issues, if so how long does it last. It’s so traumatic having to use the toilet.

    1. I suspect it might be wise to get a check up from your GP as you may be suffering from an infection of some sort if it isn’t constipation or wind pain.

      1. I had a total hysterectomy on 6th june 2013. My fibroid was 9cm. The surgery went fine and am recovering. but I have the same problem when passing stool. Is this normal? I do not have fever but there is a slight spotting, which my gynea told me is normal for upto 8 weeks. There is no pain while passing urine.

  37. Ive just had vaginal hysterectomy 5 days ago and have found fibre gel and wheatabix is helping my constipation as first 2 days after op was in agony hope this helps

    1. Those are both good ideas Tracey, anything that increases your fibre intake is always going to help enormously :-)

  38. srivalli says :

    my mother aged 70 had hysterectomy(only uterus removed due to uterine prolapse)
    she complains of oozing of fluids even after a month after it common if so
    for how long it continues and what are the remedies to prevent this.

    1. Oozing fluids is not common so she needs to see her GP to make sure she doesn’t have an infection present.

  39. I had a full AB hysterectomy 7dec 2012. Had complications needed blood transfusion, I would say I am only just about getting back to myself. Massive huge operation. I totally underestimated it. However, am still glad I had it. No more twice monthly pains & rages. My advice. Eat. Rest. Be kind to yourself. Oh and for work I have to be smart maternity trousers lifesaver. Would love to know when sharp needling pains and swelling goes away. Thanks for being here

    1. You’re welcome Michelle and the swelling will take several months, the pins and needles will be until the nerves heal. :-)

  40. Hi I have been taking hrt for 8 years, I have frequent urine infections, and very painful periods, I have 5 grown up daughters, and i am nearly 50, I am seriously thinking of having a hysterectomy as i am worried about the dangers of taking hrt for so long, do you think this is a good idea, plus the painful periods i have, I also have had 4 cesareans to

    1. Hi Nita. HRT and hysterectomy only go together when you have a hysterectomy that removes your ovaries. You wouldn’t normally have a hysterectomy because you are worried about the dangers of taking HRT for too long. It would be worth talking with your GP about your options for other treatments.

  41. hi i had a TAH about 7wks ago, and although i know im healing, its not going as well as the doctors had liked. Im still very tender and swollen around the incision site and up towards my belly button. Beneath the incision is numb to an exstent but painful inside if that makes sence. I am having a small amount of pain where my cirvics use to be and im having a lot of continance problems, wich is very degrading as im only 40 and had good pelvic muscle before hand. Ive been told i may have an inbalance in my bladder what is this. will it all calm down or am i stuck like this for the rest of life .

    1. HI Angel, some of what you describe will improve with time like the swelling and tenderness. The continence problems may be improved with pelvic floor exercises if you can do them but I’m not sure what they mean by an imbalance in the bladder and you will need to ask your GP for clarification.

  42. hi i am due to have a total hysterectomy with my ovaries removed and have been advised i will be cut veritically to remove the fybroid, i am very worried please tell me what i can expect after the operation. Thanks

    1. Have you picked up our free booklet yet? If not then I suggest you start there:

  43. This site has been very helpful and answered several of my questions thank you

  44. Hi I am now on day 19 after my op, I feel really good considering, read lots of comments etc and felt very nervous and unsure before op, but I have rested every day, not really done anything. I recommend walking each day around the house and doing exercises you are told to do. This site has been so help full to me and I would like to say thank you . Hopefully each day will continue to get better, so as someone else said, everyone is an individual so we all heal differently and at different paces, so don’t give up. Don’t get me wrong, I do have bad days !! Onwards and upwards ladies!

  45. Hi Linda,
    I am 56 years old and in pretty good shape. I had LAV Hysterectomy a week ago and began walking around the day after surgery. At times I feel twinges of pain, I think on top of the sutured shut vagina. It feels as though, the intestines may be laying on top of the vagina now that the uterus is gone, when I take a step. I also feel searing pain in the abdomen at times (not always) when food is being digested.Is that common?
    Other than those, I feel pretty good. My occupation is a Swimming Instructor and I plan to begin teaching 3 weeks and 3 days after surgery. Do you think that is okay?
    My husband is currently unemployed and we need the money.

    1. I can understand the drive to work because of money Marilyn. Perhaps it might be worth talking to both the swimming pool and your insurers as they may have guidelines about what you can and can’t do. One I think may be an issue would be getting into the water with an unhealed wound, not good for you or the other swimmers!

  46. I had a TAH 7 weeks back. however I am having slight spotting now also. Is this normal?

  47. 33 yrs old and I am 9 days past a total abdominal hysterectomy . By day 5 I was home and on day 6 woke up with a bad UTI and now this morning woke up with a bad pain in my right side . Called dr will be seeing him in 2 days (Monday ) . My question is it normal to have no bleeding or discharge ? I see a lot about that but nothing saying anything about not doing this ..

  48. It’s 3 months to the day that I had my total hysterectomy and both overaries removed (laparoscopic and vaginal). I’m 47, had gone to my Doctor as I was in pain all the time which became very severe during my period. I tested positive for ovarian cancer, so scared to death – in a bit of a state.

    My experience has been a very positive one, the hospital staff were fantastic and the care I received was excellent (a small NHS hospital), they gave the telephone number of the ward and told me to call anytime if I needed any advice etc. It’s a much bigger operation than you think and it really takes it out of you, so even you only have small scars to show for it (like me) don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll be up and running about in no time – you won’t. There is loads of good advice on this forum – take it, rest as much as you can and even though it’s against your nature to let people do things for you, let them or you’ll just set your recovery back and end up with problems.

    I’ve been very lucky, no complications once I got home, and I started back at work 4 weeks after the op – recovery affects different ladies in different ways and at first I could only cope with with mornings – I was completely wiped out by lunchtime! I feel fantastic, no more pain (it turns out I had endomyosis), I don’t have cancer, I’m on HRT and have no more mood swings – I feel better than I have for years.

    It can be a bit scary when you read forums for information and see all the problems that can happen. It occured to me that us lucky ones who get through just about unscathed don’t often let people know that – but just as there can be problems, chances are there very well may not be.

  49. histerectomia ha 80 dias dores lateral o medico dis ser normal tomo aplause 1cop muito´´ calor e frio´´ parei de caminhar por isso +continuo tendo ondas de calor e frio

  50. Purple Lady C says :

    Hi, I have just had a total hysterectomy. The consultant who carried out the op with her medical team was absolutely amazing from start to finish! I was discharged after 24 hours after experiencing no pain… at all. The medical team gave me plenty of pre advise to top up my pain relief immediately after my op whilst in hospital. Prior to having my op I had only ever used alternative remedies and hadn’t taken any form of medicine/s since my 20’s. I am now 46. I feel that having researched at length and having the spinal along with sedation made such a vast difference towards aiding a faster recovery with no pain. Everything was spot on was glad to be going home so early on in my recovery process. I am now 2 weeks into my post op and healing by the day. Still no pain, walking about, resting loads but exercising lightly at the same time. Despite a lot of the conflicting information that is out there, please remember the positive aspects to such a procedure. I have no weight gain, the opposite and lost 7 lbs. The pelvic exercises advised are making a significant difference so I recommend these as a must!!!
    Like most women, I have to deal with a build up of wind, I find drinking plenty of lemon water; warm and eating peppermints, nuts and grains which does the trick on a daily basis. I am so grateful to my consultant and the medical team for carrying out this op. I have suprised myself because I am a spiritual led person and endorse the use of herbal and alternative therapies. This coupled with the correct medical advice has certainly worked for me. I recognise that each case, however is different. I strongly believe that if you set your mind in the right place, eat healthy, drink lots of water and undertake plenty of light, light exercise then you will have no problems with making a vast recovery! Best of luck to anyone about to undergo this process. Blessings, Cheryl

    1. Can you recommend the herbal and alternative therapies you use. It’s been 5 weeks since having full hysterectomy and I am now suffering with hot flushes which I cannot deal with. I am taking evening primrose which was recommended by my doctor but its not really helping

    2. Hi! I am inspired by your attitude. Was yours a laproscopic surgery? Also, when you say sedation, was that a general anaesthetic?

  51. I had TAH 4 weeks ago. Have been recovering well and am now walking for an hour to an hour and a half a day. I do sometimes get stitch/bruise like pains over the muscles just to the left of my belly button (so well above my scar). I take this as a sign I need to rest but am I doing any damage by walking as much as I am? I was very fit and active preop

    1. If you are getting pain then yes, that is sign you are doing too much Clare :-)

  52. i am due to have a total hysterectomy with cervix and ovaries removed on Wednesday, by way of the davinci robot. I am getting conflicting advice on how long I will be off work for – it’s ranging between 2-6 weeks – so preventing me from giving my employers a date when I will return to work. Has anyone here had the same procedure carried out using the same method? If so, how long did it take for them to feel recovered enough to jump back into the workplace?

    1. I am having same issue dr told me 3 weeks his office said 4 weeks n he is on vacation it is frustrating

  53. i had a hysterectomy 5 wks ago but my tommy still very big and it swells more when i walk, i’ve been searching on internet and people say that is good idea to use a binder, would you recommend that?
    This is making me feel really upset and depress, I’m going back to work in a few weeks and i feel really ugly and stress :-(

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Rocio, what you describe is perfectly normal and a natural part of the healing process. Your tummy will go down but it takes months not weeks to do so. Binders or abdominal support bands can help enormously. Have a look at the shop for ideas:

  54. Hi i had a full hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair as i had a prolapse, had my op 3 weeks ago all went very well and was awake throuth the whole event as they could not put me under, im doing all the right things still feel tired, tearfull and still painfull and throbing thought by now that that would have got easier still hard to walk anyadvice would help please, many thks

    1. The tiredness is normal Jane, as for the pain are you sure you haven’t been trying to do a little too much?

  55. Hi, I had a total abdominal hysterectomy.After how many days can I start climbing stairs?



    1. As long as you take it slowly, almost immediately 😉

  56. I had my operation 5 weeks ago and i am suffering with pain and burning sensation where the stitches are. It’s not red or sore but my stomach is very hot and my left side is swollen. The pain is too much and painkillers do not work. Can anyone recommend anything? Also when is it safe to have sex!

    1. Sounds like it might be a slight infection and sex is not recommended until you are completely healed at at least six weeks :-)

  57. I am almost six weeks post op and was making a steady recovery from my hysterectomy (left ovary remaining) until about a week ago. I am a 42 year old married mum of three. During the second week I was woken by a crane fly buzzing around my ear ( I know, you couldn’t make it up!) I instinctively sat up fast and felt a sharp pain in my left side that made me yelp. I went back to sleep and thankfully felt no pain. I thought I had got away with it until I was up and about the next day. It felt really tender to the left of my scar and hot. I heeded the warnings and rested up and all seemed well. Unfortunately, as you say, around about the four week mark people’s sympathy runs out and I felt left to it and to add to the fun my three kids are on school holiday now. I will start a new teaching position in September and have a class to clear and prepare. I have started doing it and have found that the pain comes back as the day goes on so it’s difficult to tell when I have overdone it until it’s too late. My main concern is that for the last several nights I have been having severe sharp pains on my left side. It is worse when I lay down and excruciating to turn over on my side, the initial pain is followed by a hot stinging sensation and then it passes (if I stay very still) I am worried that I have done myself some damage internally when I jumped up in bed that night and have agitated it further with doing too much in my class. Will I need more surgery? Will it go if I completely rest? could it be an infection? I am very low at the moment and pressure is building with my return to work in September and keeping the children amused. We are going on holiday in a week which may/may not help. I don’t want to miss my first day with my new class. It’s their first day at school and I don’t want to let them down. I appreciate that you can’t give a diagnosis and I am seeing my gynaecologist in a few days, but I wondered if anyone else has had similar experiences? I have 3 weeks to go! help!!

    1. I am also a teacher returning in sept. I am 4 months post op from abdominal surgery and still have a swollen belly, a feeling of pins and needles and discomfort when laying on my side. Am trying to rest but as soon as I do anything I swell up again. I too will be seeing my GP next week but feel it is probably part of the healing process. I am going as i want advice as to how much to do when a go back in 3 weeks. I did not do anything sudden like you. Am trying aloe Vera gel on my tummy and internal juice as its recommended after the op. only started that today so we will wait and see.

      1. I am two weeks post hyst. and reading different women’s individual questions and experiences followed by your professional replies is very useful and informative. The site is also very simple to use. Thank you.

    2. I think a trip to the GP is the most sensible thing right now Emma.

  58. Hello my name is Rosie age 30, I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy 6 weeks ago for CGIN . I stopped bleeding a few days ago after having some treatment for granulation tissue . I have two small children -a 3 year old and a 10 month old. I’m still really struggling my tummy aches and I’m finding day to day tasks wipe me out :( . I’m also getting hot flushes and more heart palpitations. My overies were left in but I’m wondering if this could be a sign of ovary failure. I’m worried about asking the doctor for more sick leave as I’m due back to work next week but I just don’t feel ready. I haven’t been at work for over a year as I’ve been on maternity leave too, so all in all I’m feeling broken / knackered and anxious :( is it normal to not be right 6 weeks post op – thank you. P.s your site is fab :)

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      It’s perfectly normal Rosie :-)

  59. Gadifele Rahlaga says :

    I had a TAH on Monday the 19th. Please tell me abiut the effects of driving .

  60. Day 3 post laprascopic hysterectomy. feeling generally good . still got my catheter in and can not seem to get my pain under control. should i see a G P for stronger pain relief?

    1. It might be worth a question to him/her.

  61. Hi I had a sub-total hysterectomy four weeks ago. Both ovaries removed. I am on HRT and so far so good on that although I am starting to get a couple of mild flushes. A recent visit to my GP advised to stay on the same table for another month and then if its no better,, or worse go back and will try another table. I am keeping an open mind on all of this as I know it can take time to get the right dose.
    I am feeling generally well and am resting as much as I can, That being the diffuclt part being a 46 year old widow with a ten year old son.. I havent being doing any heavy jobs around the house but have had to cook meals and do light housework when its gotten to the stage it cant be left.
    My support network were great to start with but as many people on here have said, thats dwindled to 2 visits per week to change beds and do the ironing, the rest I have been left to get on with.
    I wasnt given any advice from the hospital about what not to do at all, I have just used my common sense and read up on the net from people who have had the same op.
    I start the day with a fairly flat tummy but as they day wears on this swells up to a point I look like I am about six months pregnant.There has been no weight gain at all, but due to the swelling I cant fit into my clothes and this is getting me down. Is this normal and how long will this go on for.? What can be done to help with this? Also people have mentioned weight gain with this operation,what time frame does that kick in at, if at all.
    Please help as I cant afford to go out and buy bigger clothes.

    1. It is perfectly normal Susan and it will go down but it takes time. The best things are stretchy clothes – not the most flattering, but they are the most comfortable. What about seeing if a local charity shop has a couple of things you could wear for a few months? Then you can donate them back again.

  62. I had the hysterectomy operation a week ago. My problem is that I have vaginal pain and urine dripping. I dont think this is normal but I haven’t had the chance to see my doctor. what is there to help me out?

    1. I think you need to see your doctor, you need an examination to make sure there is no infection present Maria.

  63. I had a sub-total hysterectomy 10 weeks ago. Both ovaries are kept. I didnt experience any bleeding till 6 weeks, though it is very light. My doctor told me that it is normal due to tissue over-healing and applied a black type of cream. Now it is almost 4 weeks since last visit. I still have light discharge. I dont have any other symptom. Is it normal?

    1. The light bleeding can continue until everything is healed properly Bernice, but if you are concerned I’d make an appointment for a checkup.

  64. I had stage 1a1 glandular cervical cancer removed by lletz in 2008. My check ups had all been clear till my last one which picked up cin2 outer layer cell changes which have been cleared by lletz again. I’ve been told i can have six month checks or hysterectomy. Deep down I think i should have the hysterectomy but with a six and a two year old to look after i keep talking myself out of having it done because of the recovery time. Considering my history do you think hysterectomy is the best choice. Im 36 and i would keep my ovaries and it would be performed laparoscopic. Thanks.

    1. No-one can say what is going to be right for you Julie, only you can decide that based on your own circumstances. It might help to think about what is going to be right for the long term, rather than worry about short term inconveniences.

  65. HI im 4 weeks post op full abdominable hysterectomy, 20cm ovarian cyst removed with appendix and everything that could be removed. I was amazed how well I felt after the op. I spent 10 days in hospital. I found this web so good and informative before I had my op that it helped me keep focused and relaxed. Only problem now is I am having pain on site where my right ovary was with cyst. Could I have an infection or is this normal? I am taking it easy only I find walking outside difficult. I am ok walking around the house. I want to thank all of you for your tips and say to anyone facing the op keep positive it really is the way to recovery. I am 59 and have great support, could get used to this lifestyle of sleeping and eating what I like. Good luck to anyone facing a lifechanging experience I can see my toes again and have my figure back after years of being swollen and looking 6 months pregnant.

  66. I’m 4wks and 3 days post op from having a TVH I understand now that the stabbing pains and pressure and tiredness are normal still at this point but for the last few days I have noticed that I have a infection in my naval, this is not however the first I have had this it has happened 4x since 1991 when I have my tubes tied but not sure if I should be worried still this close to surgery. Is this normal also or should I be worried? I have been cleaning it with rubbing alcohol and then applying Neosporin

    1. I’d say it’s not normal Melissa and it would be worth checking it out with your GP.

  67. Denise McArthur says :

    I had a vaginal hysterectomy due to a uterus prolapse 5 weeks ago & I am still experiencing a heavy dragging feeling in my vagina plus I have still got a discharge sometimes slightly bloody with a slight odour. I had an infection in the 2nd week & was treated with antibiotics. I do walk around probably more than I should. Can someone please tell me how long it takes to get back to normal?

    1. Depending on what you do in life normally it can be up to 13 weeks. If you still have a slight odour though it may still be an infection so worth getting checked out.

  68. I had a total vaginal hysterectomy (only right ovary left) May 23 2013 due to fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis, cysts etc. Have dealt with all this since 15 yrs olf and now 31 yrs. At first I was tired and took naps and did not over do it. Since then my narcolepsy has gotten worse I am constantly fatigued. My GP says it’s the narcolepsy but I have never felt this tired before. I can sit and just fall asleep (yes I know this happens with narcolepsy but since I’ve had this diagnosis for years I know this isn’t normal for me and I do take meds for the narcolepsy). I still get very bloated/swollen in my abdomen. I am nauseated most of the day. Maybe one day out of each month I will just eat. I have also just been diagnosed with very severe (actually most severe my urologist has ever seen) Interstitial Cystitis and just had my third bladder instill. I have very bad day and night cramps in my feet and legs and I have always been cold but now get chills out of nowhere and just can’t get warm. My memory has also been worse (might be due to the fatigue). I honestly thought this would help, my 3 year old daughter takes the bad end of my medical problems and I was sick of being on pain meds. I have now been put back on pain meds for the IC and being so tired I just don’t want to do anything. I do push to do things that I have promised to my daughter (She has suffered enough). I just feel like I am falling apart. I feel like I am burning on the inside sometimes (especially when I have an upset stomach). I have always been happy and for having narcolepsy surprisingly energetic (if you understand narcolepsy then you understand most people have a different perception of narcolepsy than what it really is). And now I feel like I just want to sleep. I just want to go back to the old me and honestly starting to think this was a mistake (but no more of the daily I can’t walk pain so that’s a plus). Oh I also have a retained stitch. Could the hysterectomy have caused all of this? I felt really good for about the first 4 to 6 weeks and then downhill from there. And nobody seems to be able to help me. None of my specialists or my GP they just keep running bloodtests and sending me to different Dr’s. Thank you

    1. Hi Gwen, some of what you mention sounds like menopausal symptoms (overheating, tiredness, memory etc), but they could also be symptoms showing that there is a problem with your thyroid function as well. It might be worth getting hold of Marilyn Glenville’s book ‘The New Natural Alternatives to HRT’ and trying some of the suggestions out; if they improve the situation then you’ll know it’s hormonal imbalance and the onset of menopause and can then talk to your GP about ways to manage it.

  69. I had a da Vinci hysterectomy 4 weeks ago. ..kept left ovary. I used to experience heavy bleeding during my menstrual cycle which caused me to be anemic, but the main reason for the removal was because of ovarian cyst pain I kept feeling (that I believe was a direct result from 8 days worth of a Mirena IUD). My doctor was never convinced my pain was cysts since they were always 1 to 4 cm. However, the pathology report showed light endometriosis in my cervix. Anyway, in addition to regular soreness from recovery, I’m experiencing the same pressure and burning pains I had before surgery. I’m praying it’s not the other ovary or some mysterious issue that remains unsolved. I’m trying to believe it’s all part of the healing process. Can you share any wisdom or encouragement?

    1. I also had the Da Vinci procedure – total hysterectomy on 12/30/13. I have had no discharge until yesterday and this morning – bright yellow / orange. It is almost like the beta iodine they had me douche with in preparation for the surgery. Is it possible – nearly three weeks later that this would just now coming out? I am in no pain – I have been up and walking around since day 3 post surgery. So, I have not done anything different this week? Any ideas of what it could be?

      1. It’s very common to get infections post operatively, particularly UTI’s so it may be that and a chat with your GP should be able to confirm what it is and how to treat it.

    2. Hi Kerry. Whether you remove your ovaries or not your body will still continue to experience a cycle, this is normally much reduced from what is felt when the ovaries are removed but it is still detectable. The other thing you need to bear in mind is that you kept an ovary, and if some of your pain was due to endometriosis then there is a chance that this pain could be due to a regrowth of the endo. Have a read of this section for more information:

      1. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy & more; the one where everything is removed, following a cancer of my ovaries and liver scare, following breast cancer. This happened in 2005. I was cut right down my middle because they had to do liver biopsies before they could proceed, and had almost 100 staples!! I was cancer free which was great of course, but I’ve been in a mess since. I was in a relationship at the time which was ruined as a result of all this; as apart from losing all my organs, I lost my self-confidence, as only a few years before all this I went through a bad divorce and then lost both parents. I always had a model figure, I am 5′ 8″ tall, before all this with a washboard tum, even though I had two children but now I look like a big fat pig and 3 stone heavier! By the way I am now 65. I cannot lose weight no matter what I do. I was never offered any support, and even my GP, a lady believe it or not, told me not to worry or worry about sex as I was too old for that anyway, and this was over 5 years ago! Shocking I know! I am now alone and too self conscious to meet anybody. I would so love to have some good advice and support.

        1. Hi Maggie, it’s difficult to know how to help as some weight gain is inevitable as we age, simply because our metabolism changes and so does our body shape. Have you had a read of this article: it may be helpful if it’s not something you’ve tried before.

  70. I am 36 yr old that had an emergency hysterectomy 5 weeks ago. I went in to have a 15 cm cyst removed and the dr discovered endometriosis had taken over my pelvic area, stating the worst she had seen in 30 years. She called in a specialist and they tried to remove the endo from my uterus, until my uterian artery erupted! I lost 2 units of blood, and a complete abdominal hysterectomy was performed with a vertical incision. I stayed in the hospital for a week, bladder infection spiked a fever. I really have done well considering, trying my best to remain positive but this is a tough surgery! My bladder has taken a while to recover. I am doing more and more each day but I still get tired quickly. My back is sore and hurts some, so not sure about that. My doctor saw me 2 days ago and says I am.healing beautifully. She is very encouraging. I am so ready to feel good, ready to go and do with my 2 boys without tiring so quickly!

    FYI – my doctor prescribed anxiety meds while in the hospital to help me sleep, also is being very proactive with HRT, with wanting feedback from me if working.

    I am just tired of being tired, and even still sore a little. So ready to get this body moving!

    1. I realise its a while since your post but how have you recovered? I had an emergency hysterectomy 8 days ago due to septicaemia in a large fibroid and had to have 2 blood transfusions. It has been a tough time. I also had a vertical cut and my worry is my stomach is the size of a football and very painful. Could this just be gases or swelling or is something wrong? I went back to the hospital yesterday and they said it seemed ok, I am just so anxious after what has happened to me recently.

    2. Just give it time Kim and you will get there :-)

  71. Hi..I had a vaginal hysterectomy.. Not removed ovaries..its been five weeks and I’m still experiencing pain when lying down on my sides and also when I stand or walk for long..I am a single parent to five children..youngest being only four..
    I feel so tired all the time as there are days when I’m constipated and days when I’m running quite a lot to the toilet..
    How soon is it that I can walk and drive?

    1. Liza Burlinson says :

      I’m 35 and I had a vaginal hystrectomy three weeks ago. Reason for mine is I have congested pelvic syndrome. I started bleeding 4 days a go and have been put on antibiotics for an infection. I’m alright getting around the house and up the stairs with three children my life is busy. When is a good time to start walking outside as I’m worried about bleeding or damaging the treatment. I experience pain on my left hand side most nights! Which is keeping me awake and opening my bowels isn’t so easy, is this normal? I’m due to go back to work on 26th this month and am a little worried about going back, as my check up isn’t until the 14th April.

      1. Hi Liza. There’s nothing to stop you walking outside now although just take it easy, increasing the distance you go by just a few feet a day. Walking will also help with the bowel problems too. You can always go to your GP for a checkup as well.

    2. You really should be walking now, not far but increasing the distance by a small amount every day. Driving is normally after six weeks. But I’m not surprised you are feeling tired and not recovering so well if you have five children to manage – don’t be so hard on yourself and expecting yourself to be where others are. Everyone recovers at different rates because they have different factors affecting them.

  72. I had a total hysterectomy 10 weeks ago and am struggling with chronic groin pain that worsens on walking/sitting or doing too much in a day. My gp thinks it is ligament pain. How long will this take to clear up? I am finding it very frustrating

    1. It’s a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question Vicki. It might be worth asking your GP for a referral to a physio.

  73. helen todd says :

    I had a vaginal hysterectomy leaving the ovaries intact almost three wks ago. I had some pain for the first few days which has now gone but exactly a wk after my op I haemorrhaged & was readmitted. After being looked at by a dr, consultant, registrar & my surgeon they did not know the cause & encouraged me to walk about. The following morning I bled again & passed another large clot. I saw my gp who said not to keep walking round as this would cause the bleeding. I took antibiotics from the hospital incase of infection & was prescribed tablets to help with stopping the blood loss. I am now worried to.go out incase I cause another bleed. Is it normal to bleed or should I just stay seated? Ive also just after forgetting lifted some shopping bags(!) Would I have done any damage?? Thanks

    1. Hi Helen, no it’s not normal to bleed like that. A small amount, a ‘show’ really is common, but heavy bleeding isn’t. Have you spoken to your GP as well?

      1. helen todd says :

        I did see my gp who gave me some tablets to ease the blood loss. He called it a phenomenon whereas it can happen but not very often. I am now 7wks post op & have returned to work. I feel fine in myself just very tired. I have today had some bleeding, quite dark in colour. Not a lot but enough. Is it normal for some (more) blood loss at this stage?

        1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

          Hi Helen, yes some blood loss can be common. It’s usually related to internal stitches coming away. If it continues though you’ll need to see your GP for a quick checkup. The tiredness will also continue for some months – it eases over time :-)

  74. Nicola Simpson says :

    Hi i had a partial hysterectomy almost 6 weeks ago, i had vaginal surgery and feel great although i am still suffering with some slight blood loss. Is this normal and how long does it last for ? is there anything i should be worried about as stitches seem to have dissolved and i dont have a follow up with the hospital. Any advice ladies :)

    1. Some blood loss post hysterectomy is normal – it’s should be light though and not generally fresh. If it is either of these you’ll need to be seen by your GP Nicola.

  75. I had laposcopy supacervical hysterectomy on the 9th of April, I’m experiencing an excruciating fire burning sensation on my left side, like on the inside and very sensitive to the touch. Is this normal.

    1. No, it’s not Joanna and I think you need to speak with your GP or the hospital as it may be an infection.

  76. 10 months ago I had a total abdominal hysterectomy due to large fibroids. Since then I’ve felt like my bladder is not where it is supposed to be. It feels like its a lot further back. I can’t empty it fully either, which is an odd sensation as there is no ‘pressure’ in the front, just an odd bladder full felling deep in my stomach. I often need to urinate a short time after Ive just been, but it’s not much more. If I press above my pelvic bone my bladder is not there, even if it’s full. Should I be concerned about this or will it sort itself out and no big deal? Thanks

    1. Hi Niki. I think an appointment with your GP would be a good idea as that’s not normal. They may refer you on to a physiotherapist or the urology clinic for further investigation.

      1. Thank you Linda, I think I will do that. It’s been a problem more so this weekend.

  77. March 17 , had a TVH they also did surgery to make my vagina smaller. Due to prolapse uterus and uterine congestion. I was rushed less then 24 hours after surgery. I had internal bleeding. Needed to units on blood transfusions. I had three incisions in my belly. It’s been 3 weeks still anemic and now thrown into menopause. I have pain around were my incisions were in my abdomen. I was also bleeding from the stitches in my vagina. The docs said I may have scared tissue in my belly from the amount of blood I had in my belly. It’s been 4 weeks bleeding has stopped but still cramp painfully. My abdomen hurts where my stitches were. Doesn’t seem to go away. Although I have my overies because of the two surgeries my overies took a beating and my menopause is out of control. Is everything normal. I have my days of feeling okay and have days of sleeping all day my concern is the pain in my belly, it hurts so bad.

    1. Hi Vanessa, I have no idea if everything is normal and you’d need to see your GP to make sure there are no infections that might be causing the pain.

  78. Lupita Rodríguez says :

    I had vaginal hysterectomy on April 2 and do not have to much pain but once in a while a have a yellow fluid coming out, I take antibiotics and it helps, is it normal?

    1. Not really. But if you are taking antibiotics it sounds like the GP thinks it’s an infection.

  79. I had a hysterectomy about seven months ago leaving my ovaries and now for the past four weeks I been having bad abdominal pains. Even when I’m not in pain if I press right above my pelvic it hurt so bad. Do you know what this could be?

    1. Porchia Cleveland says :

      Hay I’m having a hysterectomy in June. I have had a lot of surgery including c sections with children. I’m only 26. However, I’m having this really Badd pain in my abdomen on the right. I take about 3200 mg of ibuprofen a day because I can’t work without it. I been going through this for 8 months now. Are my kidneys and liver damaged?. I really don’t understand how I’m hurting everyday of my life.

      1. Pain killers do have their own side effects and how your body has been affected will be unique to you. It would be worth talking to your GP to find out if there is any damage and if so what it is.

    2. I have no idea. It would be a good idea to see your GP as soon as possible.

  80. Kathleen says :

    Hi I was wondering if you can help answer a few questions. I am 27 and had an abdominal hysterectomy about 4 weeks ago they took everything except the left ovary. I some how twisted wrong while in bed there days ago and have been in excruciating pain on my right side since. I can barley move without it sending sharp sharp pains through out my lower abdomen and while resting it is still awful. The pain mess takes the pain away as long as I’m sitting still if I move is another story altogether. What can I do to help get the pain gone?

    1. I think you should see your GP Kathleen :-)

  81. Hello. This is new to me. I had a partial VH , 2 weeks ago. I am very tired a lot and have pulling pain in my lower stomach. I’ve also noticed an odor. No fever but I have been throwing up when I take my pain meds. Should I be concerned ?
    Thank you,

    1. Yes, I think you should see your GP as soon as possible.

  82. Hi I had a full hysterectomy 14 days ago I have 3 lumps just above an below my scar the consultant said there burst blood vessels and they will disperse but they are worrying me has anyone else had these?

    1. Hi sue, I was just wondering did your lumps around scar sort themselves out. I am 13 days post op and just realised that when n i stand the lumps i have are quite big, when I lie down they go back. I hope I haven’t overdone things walking too much.

  83. After a vaginal hysterectomy and bladder repair 9 weeks ago I was still having a discharge .I visited my GP and i am on a course of antibiotics she thinking it was an infection.I would like to know when everything has healed would I still experience a normal discharge .The ovaries and everything was left .I am 69 .Thank you for any help

    1. Hi Carolyn. Yes when everything is healed you should experience normal discharge.

      1. michelle moss says :

        Hi i am post op 8 weeks after a vaginal hystertoromy really suffering with vaginal dryness will this improve?

        1. It depends on whether it is menopausal or not. If it is then it probably won’t, if it’s due to the surgery then possibly.

  84. hi i’m 27 i was diagnosed with uterine cancer in february and had to have a full hysterectomy i was cut abdominal. well they got the cancer it was only progressed at 5% and stage one which meant no chemo thank God. well my body refused the stitches so it came open to where u could see the stomach lining. well they packed it and covered it for a month, i was going to a wound clinic and have home nurses coming in a few times a week. well i got the wound vac and it worked wonders well they waited to cut sutures at the bottom of the wound cause it was causing a tunnel to start well they couldn’t see to the bottom because it was healing well they then decided to take me off of the wound vac and thought it would heal in no time well it’s been 2 months and the depth of the tunnel is still the same and the wound clinic really aren’t doing anything. my nurses are even irritated with the clinic any suggestions please and thank you

  85. I had a radical total abdominal hysterectomy with removal of ovaries, tubes, uterus and cervix 5 weeks ago now for menorrhagia and migraines. It wasn’t straight forward, because I previously had 2 caesarian sections, so my bladder was adhered to my uterus. My bladder recovered well from the op, but at three weeks, I was feeling unwell and having an extreme burning pain in my right groin. My GP gave me antibiotics and sent me to gynae emergency clinic and an ultrasound showed I had a 5cm haematoma in my pelvis. The antibiotics have reduced it by 1cm but at 5 weeks I am still struggling to walk far. My stomach still remains very swollen. I know the haematoma will slowly break down over time, but I am due back to work in one week, I know I can take off another 2 weeks if needed, but I wondered if there was any methods to assist in the breakdown of the haematoma, as surgery is the other option which I obviously don’t want.

    1. Hi Marisa. I don’t know of anything else you can do to help yourself other than giving it time. I suspect you may need a lot longer off work than the 8 weeks you’ve mentioned. The average length of time off work is between 9 and 13 weeks, so you still have a few weeks to go.

  86. Im 3 weeks post- op for total hysterectomy, they took everything: tubes, cervix; all except right ovary. I had endometriosis all through abdomen so they treated that, and removed a cyst on the ovary I kept. The left ovary was completely covered in scar tissue and not even visible, which I had a cyst removed two years prior. they also found my clip from my having my tubes tied floating around! I see improvement now, but still quite sore, and cannot stand long or sit straight up long. Feels better being more reclined. Since I’ve been home after surgery, I noticed my skin is sooo flaky and dry- even after I put lotion of 4 times a day! Could this be signs that my one ovary left isn’t doing the job yet? Im 36 years old, with 2 girls, 4&7. It’s not easy staying down!

    1. Hi CC, I had a TAH (TOTAL ABDOMINAL HYSTERECTOMY) on July 30, 2014. I have a brown vaginal dischage and it smells really really bad. Did you experience any smelly brownish vaginal discharge?

      1. Hi Tasha. A smelly discharge is often an indicator of an infection – it would be worth a trip to your doctor to check it out.

    2. It could be that CC but it could equally be a reaction to the surgery. It may well be a bit too early to tell yet. Give it another few weeks to see if it improves or if you get more menopausal symptoms.

  87. I had a lavh with cervix removal performed 8 days ago due to anemia secondary menorhagia and abnormal benign paps. I am 26 with 3 kids, youngest being 20 months. I was under for 3 hrs because they took a long time cauterizing and said I had less than avg. EBL. Have you ever heard of this? I am concerned because I think I am having a hard time getting rid of the CO2 gas pains due to this. I have been taking long walks which should help but am concerned of over doing it and dropping my bladder. Any advice is appreciated.

    1. Hi Ang. It can take several weeks for the gas pains to go completely. Long walks are probably not a great idea at present as you may be overdoing it. However, walking, warm water, peppermint tea and a very gentle massage of the belly area might help.

  88. I had a complete hysterectomy, including cervix, ovaries, tubes, 20 days ago. Everything was great the first week…never felt better. Second week I developed uti, probably from catheter, thought it was normal pain the first week. After a few days of antibiotics I started bleeding profusely with large clots. Lots of shooting pains that seem to travel around from shoulder to groin. I called Dr’s office and nurse/receptionist told me it was normal, to call again when I saturated a pad to wringing out in one hour. Bleeding was bright red, fresh blood. Since it was taking almost two hours to saturate a pad to that point, I just sat here. After reading all kinds of views on the web, I am now confused. Bleeding is lighter and smaller clots, but I haven’t really been up and around today. Should I push this issue with doctors office, go to the er, or just stay off my feet? I feel exhausted. Thank you for any information.

    1. I woke up 10 days post hysterectomy saturated in blood. Went to the bathroom passing clots and fresh red blood. Called my dr., he said to meet him at the ER. He had to add internal stitches. Very scary!

    2. In a word ‘yes’. You need to get this followed up as soon as possible. It’s not normal to bleed that much, a light bleed is normal, a heavy one is not!

  89. Had a vaginal hysterectomy with both ovary removed 5 days ago am on hrt.dont quite understand does this mean I will still get menopause symptons of hot flushes or will hrt stops this.

    1. The HRT should stop any menopausal symptoms if it’s the right dose for you. When you stop taking it however, you will find that you get some menopausal symptoms as HRT essentially delays it.

  90. Hi there, I am 3 weeks post op and for the last week it feels like my vagina is on fire!! I can honestly not take it anymore! Is there anything I can do?? I had a abdominal hysterectomy

    1. Yes its a mild infection I had my hysterectomy on 23rd last month did fine afterwards yes was in lot of pain but out of the blue my stomach was in a lot of pain for past 4 or 5 days went to Dr’s yesterday an said I have mild infection gave me antibiotics an the pain is still same but easing up a bit but my stomach is tender to touch it I don’t regret hysterectomy I jus hate the recovery part

      1. I think most women would probably agree with you on that Angela :-)

    2. You might have a mild infection Yvonne. It would be worth getting your GP to check it out.

  91. alwaysI’m now 9 days post op and pretty much feel great! Best decision I’ve ever made. I literally feel even “mentally better”. After my third c-section in Nov 2013 i began having really bad periods and pain all month long, although the pain was way worse the week before my period. Before i was always lucky with my periods being around 3-4 days with hardly any cramps or anything. After my last baby i was bleeding heavily, drastic mood changes to the point i would physically fight my husband, and my periods lasting 7-14 days. I was MISERABLE!!! Plus i was bloated all the time and no matter how healthy i agree was putting on weight. I had everything removed except my ovaries. My only concern and problem is the swelling. What can i do to get rid of this? I’m 5’4 at 197lbs although i look around 170. Normally i weigh around 135-145 and at that weight i look about 115-120…i have a lot of muscle. Please help me cause I’m desperate to get back to my normal weight. I eat small meals and EXTREMELY healthy yet i can’t shake the weight and i don’t understand. When i had my last baby my delivery weight was 198 and then i dropped down to 165 and with no diet changes I’ve gotten back to 197 and don’t understand. I’m lost and the only thing I’m down about it my weight. I used to be bulimic and have body issues as it is…please help!!!!!!

    1. Lindsey. You’ve just had major surgery and swelling is one of the ways your body has of protecting the damaged areas until they are completely healed. It’s a bit like a sprained ankle! The swelling will go down, but it will take a few months to go completely.

      1. What about the weight problems???

        1. I think you need to give it some time to recover before you worry about the weight, that will drop as you recover.

        2. Also today I’m 11 days post op and i had sexual intercourse…it didn’t hurt. Felt different, better but different…hope that’s okay.

          1. 11 days post op for sex is probably a little early. You won’t be healed internally and risk introducing an infection into those wounds!

  92. I just had my uterus and fallopian tubes out a week ago my stomach is hurting on on both sides in the bottom just like it did before now i have a discharge a real light brownishI gushes out like I’m peeing on my self and I don’t even have aappetite

    1. I think you need to see your GP to get it looked at. It could be as a result of a minor infection.

  93. I just had my uterus, cervix & tubes removed (still have my ovaries) I feel so bloated/pressure after I eat anything. I ate a cup of soup & it felt like I hate a cheeseburger & fries. Is this normal to still feel this bloated? I just assumed all of bloating would be the first thing to disappear. I realize I am still healing & things are still swollen but it is a little uncomfortable.

    1. Yes, it’s perfectly normal and will be related to the dreaded gas. It does go with time Michele :-)

  94. I had a partial vaginal hysterectomy 2 weeks ago felt great 3 days after surgery. now i have bad pain in my lower abdominal area and inside my vagina where my cervix once was pain is almost as bad as the day after my surgery, I have started spotting again and have a clumpy white discharge, what could be going on?

    1. You may have an infection. Spotting is normal but discharge not so normal. A check up with your GP is in order I think.

  95. Hi, I’m 21 & have suffered extremely bad periods & migraines since starting my period at 13. I was out on the pill at 15 which resulted in a 6month long migraine (& many weeks in hospital) I was taken off everything & then tried the depo injection at 17 which has sparked the worst 4 years of my life. I have bled every single day (from spotting to changing tampons every hour) with migraine every single day. I’ve tried every means necessary to stop this (even ovarian shut down & HRT. Which worked for a week then stopped working) I’m now waiting a month while my gynae dr is scurrying around asking doctors from all across the globe for help! If they find nothing, my options are to accept this as normal life, or a hysterectomy. I’m terrified of the thought of this being normal life, and at the thought of a hysterectomy… I have no children & my fiancé is very supportive, saying as long as he has me he’s happy, baby or not. I just need to know if someone has suffered something similar as I feel so lost & helpless… When I was 18 I started to shamefully self harm myself & considered ending it all, I was so stuck & annoyed hearing the doctors tell me that they “didn’t know what to do anymore”. I just need to know if this happens to others & what they did to help them through it all. Thank-you

    1. Hi Sev. I think you should consider joining in on the forums here . You’ll find a whole community of women who may be able to offer you practical advice and support based on their own experiences.

  96. I had a Total Hyster 4 weeks ago. One day my stomach will be fine & the next it will be bloated & crampy. I was on my feet a lot yesterday & started to bleed. Is this normal to bleed 4 weeks out. I am also reading horror stories on line about joint pain. Is this normal after a hyster? My OBGYN says no. I still have my ovaries but tubes, uterus & cervix removed. She put me on a low dose of Estrodiol for moods & energy that you rub on your thigh in the morning. Is this ok to take if I still have my ovaries?
    My biggest concern is that I have more pain on my right side, it feels tight & hurts at times. I had Robotic Hyster on Sept 8th, is this normal too? Did they do something different on my right side, than the left. Confused!!

    1. There is often a relationship between action and result and it may be that overdoing it caused you to bleed a little. Yes, it’s normal to bleed at this point, but if it’s heavy or very fresh then you may want to see your GP just to get it checked out. Your obgyn will have determined if oestrogen is right for you at this point and many women take HRT for menopausal symptoms without having had a hysterectomy.

  97. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy 3 weeks ago. I have no sensation in my bladder and have to go to the loo after a drink in case I forget. I have been told by both consultant and doctor that this will come back but how long will I have to wait could I have nerve damage?

    1. That’s a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. Although I’m surprised your GP and consultant were so unforthcoming as it’s unusual to have this particular problem post hysterectomy. I think a trip back to the doctor might be advisable.

  98. Anita Waite says :

    I had full hysterectomy (ovaries,tubes,uterus), removal of multiple ovarian cysts, hernia repair and appendectomy 5 weeks ago. I still have some spotting of fresh blood and today my urine has gone a bright orange colour. Do you know what the problem could be?

    1. It could be that you have a mild infection. A chat with the GP together with a sample of urine might help.

  99. I had a total hysterectomy 2 1/2 months ago. I have my ovaries. I have been experiencing breast pain/swelling. Is this normal? I used to get like this before my period but its just lasting longer. Should I be concerned?

    1. Breast pain and swelling is a menopausal symptom as well – not common, but it does happen. It might be worth getting your oestrogen levels checked.

  100. Anna Rudzki says :

    Hi. I had a total vaginal hysterectomy 22 October 2014. I have had a positive experience. I changed my diet to suit my physical ability, everyday I do a little more, walk a little longer. Every now and again I will get a pink marking on toilet paper, the other day I had a little blood. I think my stitches may be dissolving. I do get tired during the day and I need to have a nap. Need to listen to my body when it’s tired.

    1. Listening to your body is always good advice Anna :-)

  101. I was wondering it will be a yr sence I was done and last 4 day I find the skin on under my belly button is numb no feeling I can punch it and nothing don’t feel it is that normal ?

    1. Not if it’s only just happened. I think you need to see your GP Dee.

  102. Hi I had a manchester repair and bladder prolapse 4 days ago
    Is it usual to have tummy pain and throbbing feeling inside my vagina
    Im not one to sit still either and I’m worried I’ve damaged stitches

    1. You will be swollen internally and it could be this that’s throbbing. If you think you’ve overdone it, take it easy for few days and see if it eases. If not go back to your GP.

  103. I had a hysterectomy almost 4 weeks ago I stopped bleeding but I’m still discharging is that common?

    1. It depends on the discharge. If it’s coloured or smelly then you probably need to get it checked out.

  104. I have had a subtotal abdominal hysterectomy, 7 days ago. My right side and abdo are still very swollen and black. I am concerned about the swelling in right side of my vulva, which is 3x size of left side and black and numb. Is this normal? Will it return to normal in time?

  105. Christine says :

    I had a TAH just over 6 weeks ago. I was feeling okay apart from tiredness and a little discomfort. (I was a very active 46yo). Last two days I probably walked too much (yesterday about 10k – but in 2 lots). I now have pain and discomfort below scar inside and have got back into pjs. I’m down as nurse on Tuesday said I could cycle/walk/swim, but it seems not? Have I done some damage!? Thanks.

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      You probably haven’t done any damage rather just over done it. 6 weeks is the standard response from the medical profession, in reality it takes roughly 13 weeks to recover enough.

  106. Sharon Martin says :

    I had a full abdominal hysterectomy 8 weeks ago tomorrow.. I returned to work last week but only did half days. I got on ok although very tired and sitting at an office desk is quite uncomfortable for long periods. Today I worked a full day. This has caused me to be very sore & in pain tonight. Do you think I have overdone it and will I be causing any problems by continuing like this. I am thinking of asking to continue doing shorter hours if possible if this would be better for me?. Have I returned to work too early?.

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      The average time off after an abdominal hysterectomy is between 9 and 13 weeks and then it’s a case of doing part-time for a couple of weeks or so until you feel able to do the full-time hours.

  107. Hi Linda
    Had total hysterectomy and cervix removed plus posterior repair 6 days ago. Am home now but have a lot of pain and discomfort in tummy and bit heavy down below. One thing that’s bothering me is that my tummy has swollen up again like first few days and sore and painful. Taking peppermint oil for wind. I bought the hot/cold pack from you but have no idea how to use and when it should be hot or cold. Please advise if this would help and instructions.
    congrats on website. Has helped a lot.

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      Thanks for the congratulations. The hot and cold pack can be used to help ease burning cold or to soothe pain when hot. You tummy will go up and down as you do things – it’s a bit like having a swollen ankle in that respect and it may able be gas.

  108. I had an Hysterectomy 4 weeks ago and. I’m getting stabbing pains in my tummy is that normal? I have been doing the shopping and stuff.

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      You’re probably overdoing it Lorraine and definitely should be doing shopping at this stage.

  109. I came out of hospital after a total abdominal hysterectomy 6 weeks ago (9 March 2015). They had hoped to do vaginal removal but my womb was size of 14 week pregnancy. I have listened to my body. I am due to go back to work next week (27 April 2015) I am a cleaner in a supermarket I have already told my boss I won’t be able to do the heavy stuff I did previously and have been promised I can work within my limitations but am I fooling myself that I can return to work so soon. I can’t really afford to take more time off (my bills won’t pay themselves) and I will continue to listen to my body and work within its limits.

  110. Hi I had a full hysterectomy 6 weeks ago got up the following morning had a shower on my own and felt great for over 6 weeks apart from the wind that lasted for about 4 days – two days ago I started getting wind type pain and pain in my left side groin area,I have been to the doctor and she sent me back to the hospital I am having a scan on Friday and an internal examination has anyone else had this problem ?? Thank you for any reply..

  111. Hi
    I had my Total hystractomy 5weeks ago. My operation was very straight forward one as my DR. said it. No complications and I felt great, but two days ago I am having this tearing and burning feeling around my right hand side of the scar( not on the scar itself) when I am sitting or standing. When I lay down I don’t feel anything but only standing and sitting position, more when I stand. I have no discharges. Took some paracetamol and it eased the pain a bit but still it was hurting. What should I do?

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      I think you probably need to see your GP to check you don’t have an infection Michelle :-)

  112. Hi Linda… i had total hyst. but my ovaries are intact. Its my third week.. I have itching inside my vagina all the time. can u tell me what all side effect Iam going to face.. what exercise i should do. How much I have to walk everyday. What should me my diet.. l reply soon

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      That’s a lot of questions which can’t really be answered in a comment, but you may find this section of the site helpful:

  113. Hi Linda, and fellow travellers on this journey, I had a TAH on April 17th so I’m just into the three week post op stage. All went well I’m told, but ever since day one I have had a highly sensitive area of skin that is also extremely painful when touched or even brushed against by clothing, like a stabbing, pulling and burning sensation, at the top of my left thigh. My consultant said this was most likely to be nerve damage from the surgery and that it should go in time.
    Apart from that I am still very sore inside a lot of the time, have a slight dark blood discharge for the past week, and am very tired. I’m 61 years old and had the surgery because of a large calcified fibroid. Previous surgeries for ectopic pregnancies had left me with a ton of adhesions too.
    I think all is progressing ok, but I’m concerned about this nerve pain, and would appreciate some reassurance that it will lessen in time, and hopefully go away completely.

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      Most nerve pain does go away but it can take months to do so, generally it fades.

  114. I had an abdominal hysterectomy two weeks ago. I had to have a blood transfusion too. I came out of the hospital five days after my operation and two days after I came home I started to bleed really heavily. I went back to a&e but they tried to take blood but they couldn’t take any and what they did take it couldn’t be tested as it was very minimal. They wanted to do an internal but I’m absolutely petrified of them and in the past had to have internals under general anaesthetic. I was really upset and got so stressed I discharged myself. The bleeding isn’t so heavy now but it’s like I’m having a period and I’m wearing towels day and night. I’ve started to see dark red blood bits when I wipe myself but it’s not all the time. I’m not in any pain though.

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      You need to go back to the hospital or see your GP.

  115. Hi Linda,
    I am in my 5 week post op after having total hysterectomy with ovaries left,
    Things have been going well and I have started to become more mobile,walking etc.
    However recently things have got painful and very uncomfortable ,my belly has gone into the most freakish shape and swollen.the hangover is massive(never had this before) can’t even see my scar.
    I am only 39 and now feel very down and ugly !!
    Please can you give me any advice

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      The swelling will go down but it will take time, months rather than weeks. Also if it’s just got worse it could be because you have been doing too much with the stomach muscles – bending, lifting and stretching. Give it a bit of rest and see if that helps a little and see your GP just in case you have an infection.

  116. i had a vaginal hyst on 6 april and came home on8 april morning as hosp needed bed. initially felt beta than i now do,it will be a week tmorrow and so i feel that my recovery is almost going this normal?i have had constipation and wind quite badly despite walking a fair bit, peppermint tea ,having prunes fruit and mild laxative.i keep coming over hot so not sure if its an infection or just upper tummy also feels a bit puffy and firmer as well as the v sore bottem tummy area .i feel more comfort in a laid out position rather than feelin cramped up in a sitting position for long.please help/advise im 45 and a bit overweight too

  117. Hi, 7 weeks post vaginal hysterectomy and I still get swollen belly which is so heavy and discomfort low down. Is this normal. I fly soon long distance 22 hours and I am a little worried. I’ve just return to work and look 6 months pregnant and so heavy.

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      Yes it is normal and it will take a few months to go down completely.

  118. I had a full hysterectomy on 11 May 2015 I am concerned that I have all dissolvable stitches which I can t see on the abdominal cut but this seems to be opening slightly but there is no bleeding. Should I be concerned ?

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      Whenever you’re concerned you should check it out :-)

  119. the dr has told me i may need a hysterectomy or blassta i dont kno how to promounce it but he is concerned that i cant have the less invasive surgery because my womb is like 4 months pregnant ?/?/ is this true

  120. hi I am due to be going on holiday in July which will be almost 8 weeks after having a TAH. I’m recovering really well but have been wondering whether it is safe to fly? The flight will be 2 hours. Thank you

  121. I had a abdominal hysterectomy last Wednesday and am now home. My daughter took a picture of my scar that looked nice and clean yesterday and now has some blood bits and my stomach feels quite swallow. Getting on and off my bed feels a bit uncomfortable and I feel a bit bunged up even though I have opened my bowels a few times. Is it worth going to doctors or just keep washing wound with warm water?

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      It’s always worth getting things checked out if they are concerning you Kim :-)

  122. Hi I had TAH 6 weeks ago, followed by appendicitis 2 weeks ago, my hysterectomy scar is now hurting it feels like a stabbing pulling pain on the inside, and I’ve still terrible back ache and wish I could lay on my side, is this normal. I understand having my second op as put my recovery back a bit, but with no follow up appointments, when will the pulling pain stop, any ideas? I just want to feel human again, instead of resting all the while, a 10 minute walk is enough for me, I get tired so quickly, and both scars hurt. I really thought I would start to feel better by now.

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      Walking is good – gradually increasing the distance on a daily basis. You are right though, you’ve had two major ops in a short period of time and they are going to influence how long it takes to recover so it will be longer than usual.

  123. christine says :

    Hi i do not know if anyone can help i had a total hysterectomy two weeks ago and i feel ok but i do have a (i think) smelly light brown discharge , is this normal and i am having trouble getting comfy in bed as i sleep on my side and this morning i have slight pain in my vagina. Any replies would be of great help. Im 54 years old

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      It’s normal to have some discomfort on your side and a pillow can help to support you. It’s also normal to have some vaginal bleeding post op and this is usually related to the sutures coming away.

  124. Hi, I had a partial hysterectomy a week ago due to multiple large fibroids. Previous c-section incision used and on discharge hospital neglected to provide pain medications and Dr is saying to use over the counter pain relief. I am baffled because I don’t used medications unnecessarily yet the Dr seems reluctant to give me a script for anything. Makes me feel like this wasn’t a major operation and my pain isn’t vaild (despite the stitches I can feel). Should I have been given pain medications for home or am I being emotional?
    Thank you, A

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      It’s normal to use over the counter pain relief post hysterectomy and most women don’t need anything more.

  125. Hi there I’m to 3 week after my abdominal hystrectomy and considering I’ve ad a rough time with it font feel to bad atm 😁 I ad a full hystrectomy although I’m suffering a burning sensation around my scar as I was left with hematomas’ a collection of blood trapped under skn ,very painful I must say ,yes when I say I had it pretty bad even the nurses was shocked to how bruised and swollen my stomach was ,from having my op I was out within 2 days with pain killers 2days later I was back in hospital swollen to the max light headed and temp they started me on antibiotics in case infection,was in hospital for another two days ,on release from hospital ivwas on a weeks Corse of antibiotics not to mention I drain was fitted while there but did not drain blood as the scan shown no tracking to the trapped blood which i believe was causing infection ,when I finished the antibiotics two days later the same again happened swelling and felt really ill so back I went to be put on another Corse. Of antibiotics spent two days was released with medication,I’ve just finished them so hopefully I’m ok the next few day will tell ,but my advise from one to another is as much as u want to please just rest car journeys put me in pain I feel every bump in the road small walks round the house helped with that nasty trapped wind omg the pain of that was unreal but its passing 3week on ,I get tired very quickly and tend to sleep alot during the day cat naps ,keep up with the paracetamol and ibuprofen together there a gud pain killer and drink plenty of water I seem dehydrated alot gud luck ladies its all for the better I’m sure

  126. Mirian Nieves says :

    I had surgery A partial hysterectomy left Ovaries Cervix and uterus removed 13 days ago. Everything has been feeling ok a little bit of constipation But was able to handle it. Yesterday I started to feel a burning and painful sensation on my left side in between my c section and my recent abdominal incision. Is this a Normal Pain or sensation after a partial hysterectomy or should I be concerned?

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      It may be a slight infection so would be worth checking with the GP.

  127. I am currently waiting a partial hysterectomy I’m 35 years old. The reason I’m having this is because I had novasure ablation done 12/2013 I have had constant pain since then in and out of hospital to be told now that this is most likely the cause also still having at least two periods a month since this procedure. What I really need to no is how long I will be needing minimum/ maximum time of work? I work in a school and this was suppose to be done during this summer break but when I seen consultant she said sorry things have changed since I last saw you I’m going on holiday so can’t fit you in!! Then she said when you see next cosultaint you will be done in 28 days. My next appointment is 25/08 so I’m looking at being back in work a month then out again. I fear for my employment but can’t put this op of for another year

    1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman says :

      It depends on the type of hysterectomy – if it’s abdominal then between 9 and 13 weeks is average. If it’s vaginal or laparascopic then between 4 and 8 weeks.

  128. Hello I had the da venci hysterectomy done with a mesh for bladder and rectum, went back for my 6wk check up, I told my doctor that I was experiencing discharge with a little odor to it, doctor checked me and told me that my mesh wasn’t healing so I was placed on antibiotics and a estrogen cream to be inserted, was told that if it didn’t heal I would need to have another surgery done, can someone tell me if this has happened to anyone else and if I should be worried!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m back working and I still have both ovaries. Thanks for your help in advance.

  129. Hi, this site is amazing, so much great info on it …. Thank you for being here :) I too was told next to nothing about what to expect in recovery, so this info is invaluable.
    I am eighteen days into my recovery from an abdominal hysterectomy for suspected ovarian cancer – it came back negative which is a relief (it was going to be a laparoscopy but they needed to change it to the abdominal… I don’t know why yet but my post op checkup is in four weeks so I will ask then). My question is, they also took out my appendix, I found this out only by looking at the anaesthetist bill! Do you know what indications there are to take out the appendix when having a hysterectomy, and is this normal?
    Thanks in advance :)

  130. I had a partial hysterectomy 4wks, I am having terrible pain in the back both ribs and in my groin is this normal.

  131. Hi im post laprohyterectomy i am a week to today into it . Im feeling totally miserable as i had to stay in as my bowel sulked and i couldnt open them so the bloating and pain was unbearable so Anenima was necessary im home now with laxatives to help but jees its so painful to pass a loose bowel movement is that normal ? I have a urine infection but to top it all ive had a extreme allergic reaction since surgery so i itch constantly i have to bathe in oilatum i have steroid creams its too much . Can u tell.when the bowel movements get easier thanku x

  132. Simone (17 August 2010) I had a total hysterectomy and also had my appendix out because of what they found in my Ovarian Cyst when I had my ovaries removed earlier this year. The appendix was removed because the cancer or pre-cancer can lurk in the appendix as well as in the ovarian cyst. Mine was a Borderline Cyst, sometimes also called a Borderline Cancer.
    I agree this is a wonderful site. My Gynaecologist told me I could do anything when I got home. I had the op 10 days ago. I prefer to follow the guidelines of women who have had a hysterectomy as they can talk from experience, so I know a good howl, lots of rest, and not doing too much are all normal, even if not text book.
    Thank you ladies for your advice and comments above. I’m beginning to feel ‘normal’ instead of ‘you should be better now’.

  133. I am 8 weeks post abdominal hysterectompy and bilateral ovary removal Unfortunately 1 week after surgery I developed a wound infection which was treated with IV and oral antibiotics. Although the infection has subsided I still do not feel well.
    I have left side swelling , a few small lumps can be felt on this side, I also have sharp intermittent pains which penetrate from my left side to under my rib cage . Surely this is not normal . Thank you for any advice.

  134. I had a complicated 3 hour laparascopic surgery with removal of ovaries due to one large and several smaller fibroids on the 2nd july 2015. I returned to work on the 24th august and I’m still finding it difficult walking around for more then a couple of hours, I have discomfort in my back tenderness on my stomach and feel tired. I feel that people think i should be over this by now are they right or should I be doing less, i do feel that i need to push to build up my strengh is this just doing me damage?

  135. I did an abdominal hystetectomy about 5 days ago. I feel back pain bearable and a slight pain and discomfort in passing urine. Also feel I have not voided properly. These symptoms were there slightly more prior to the surgery. My ovaries and tubes were kept. I had fibroids. Please help.

  136. Hi my name is Nora, im 45 and have 3 sons, I’m due to have a laparoscopic hysterectomy with my cervix removed and my ovaries left on the 29th sept. 2015. I’ve had abnormal smears for the past 2 yrs and have been told I carry more than one of the high risk hpv that cause cervical cancer. My gp wants me to have my ovaries removed as well cause my mother died at 54 with breast cancer, however my consultant won’t because of my age, I’m worried that the virus that is causing all this will affect my ovaries if left, and no one seems to be able to answer this question. I’m also worried because I had a full knee replacement last yr and it wasn’t a complete success have nerve damage and can’t walk unaided, or for any length of time. I will need to take my crutch into hospital. I also have lv4 and lv5 prolapsed in my back this 25 yrs and it all seems so much to deal with atm. Between losing organs and getting new implants I’m like the bionic woman lol ( I make jokes constantly to my husband and sons to cover up my fears) I could really do with some advice on how bad this is going to be to get over as I’ve been told at my pre op last wk I’ll b ok in 3 wks but a lot of u ladies on here seem to have had such a harder time with pain and infections, than I have been led to believe. Any advice or hints for recovery is greatly appreciated. Thanks N.

  137. Hi
    I had a full hysterectomy 6 weeks ago now , I had a lot of issues with not being able to go to the loo so had very bad pains , I am now due back to work next week and feel down and worried about it , i also get worried bring around many people incase they bump in to my swollen tummy , also no hrt as of yet so up at night with really bad flushes .

    Is this normal


  138. 2 weeks post op recovering from laparascopic hysterectomy (ovaries left in). having slight pink/brown discharge and cramps/pressure which remind me of my menstrual cramps. I am off work; taking it easy and doing some walking – husband has been very supportive. no problems with bowels or bladder. I’m still taking over the counter meds which settle the cramps down. what is causing the cramps? should I be worried? thanks.

  139. I had a full hysterectomy 6 weeks ago. I got a very very painful burning in my palvic floor (vagina) when empty bowel or empty bladder. And, I would not be able to sit down with the pain. However, when stool filled up, then pain goes away, and life becomes normal. I had a robotic surgery and the utrus and ovaries were pulled out from vagina. Would you tell me if this problem will go away as it is part of the healing process? Thank you so much!

  140. I am 7 weeks post hysterectomy where they took my uterus and ovaries, as well as 2 large tumors and a bunch of fibroids that were on my right ovary. When I lie on my right side too long (never the left only the right side), then get up to use the bathroom, I notice there is blood. What could this possibly be? I told my OB/GYN at my 6 week follow up last week, and she was rather evasive about it. I am seeking another OB/GYN. Do you have any idea what it could be?

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