Hysteria Writing Competition

ThHysteria 3e Hysteria Writing Competition is now closed for the 2014 competition. If you would like to be kept about next year’s competition please register with our mailing list and we’ll keep you updated.

The judges have now read the entries and a list of winners has been created. You can find a complete list of winners on the Hysteria Blog.

The anthology from this year’s competition will be published on 1st December, just in time for Christmas.

  • The 2014 Anthology Hysteria 3 is available to purchase online
  • The 2013 Anthology Hysteria 2 is available to purchase online
  • The 2012 Anthology Hysteria 1 is available to purchase online


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You may write about ANY SUBJECT in ANY GENRE except erotica or horror.  We are NOT looking for stories, flash fiction or poetry about Hysterectomy. Instead, we are looking for works that appeal to our website visitors, who are mostly women between the ages of 25ish and 65ish.

Additional important information

You can find the details of the rules and guidelines for the competition here: hysteria-competition-guidelines/

Please read the competition rules before submitting your entry. You can find the rules here: hysteria-competition-rules/

17 thoughts on “Hysteria Writing Competition

  1. Sheila Llewellyn

    Hello – this is a query about the short story competition 2013. I submitted a story today , then noticed a typo in it. I don’t mind paying another £3 to re-submit, but I wondered how you go about cancelling the first entry? Will I have to re-title the second entry to distinguish it from the first? I hope not, it ‘s the only title for the story, really. If I don’t submit the second version until tomorrow, 1st August, is there any way you can cancel the entry submitted today, 31st July? And if so, how do I go about letting someone know that is waht needs to be done? Sorry about this, it’s just been a ‘wish I hadn’t hit ‘send’ until I’d done one more final, final check’ moment!
    Hope you can help, best for now,

      1. Sheila Llewellyn

        Linda, thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly – I’m sorry to cause you extra work at your end. Will send it for the attention of *your name* at the e-mail address you’ve given. I’ll be able to keep the original title too!
        best wishes

  2. Karen Casstevens

    I love your web site and am interested in the short story competition. I am not familiar with how much your entry fee for the short story competition is, as I am from the US. Is this competition also for US citizens? Where are you located?

  3. Jane Bean

    I was thrilled to find that my story had been shortlisted. I had not previously heard of the Hysterectomy Association, and found out about the competition through an advertisement for the 2012 Charmouth Literary Festival organised by Linda Parkinson-Hardman. A very reasonable entry fee for such a good cause – with the added bonus of seeing my work in print in this excellent anthology.

  4. Anne Wilson

    I am very happy that my contribution was selected to appear in the 2012 Hysteria 1 anthology and thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone else’s. The collected works encapsulate many of life’s disappointments, losses and challenges for women but are ultimately a well-selected, thought-provoking and entertaining read; one which I shall recommend at every opportunity. Roll on the 2013 comp. so we can do it all over again!

  5. Alison Wassell

    I am thrilled to be included in the 2012 Hysteria Anthology and, as others have said, the entry fee is very reasonable. And for a very worthwhile cause too. Looking forward to reading all the other poems and stories.

  6. moya poole

    I really enjoyed writing for this competition and couldn’t believe my luck when my story was chosen as part of the anthology, especially after reading the winning entry! This was an exceptional piece, written in a unique style, and I’m looking forward to reading the other winning entries. I’ll definately be entering future competitions,

  7. Margaret Clark

    This is a reasonably priced competition with a wide theme for a great cause. I thoroughly enjoyed crafting my entry for Hysteria 2012 and was thrilled to be short-listed – can’t wait to read the anthology!

    Give it a go!

  8. Lois Elaine Heckman

    This is a most commendable competition and affords a wonderful opportunity for expressing one’s thoughts and feelings in the amiable atmosphere generated by its friendly organizers. It is well worth the small entry fee for such a charitable, but often neglected, cause.
    I am so pleased to have a poem in this year’s anthology, but sad that poetry will not be included in future editions. Story tellers, do give it a try!

  9. Christine Djabarouti

    Hi Linda, Thank you for your email informing me that a copy of the anthology Hysteria 2012 is on its way to me, I enjoyed taking part in this very worthwhile competition. I intend to enter this years competition too, which I am looking forward to. I would also like to say what a fantastic site you have created. After my recent hysterectomy your site was my close companion through many a sleepless night and has continued to give me support long after. Well done to you and all involved for giving women, at a very uncertain time in their life, a place to come for information, advice and a way of contacting others in the same situation. It helps take away a lot of the fear and uncertainty.

  10. Tracy Fells

    This is a great competition and in support of a good cause. So if you are writing short stories then do have a go and enter this year’s competition. I am really looking forward to the 2012 anthology and delighted that my story about a medieval midwife will be included. Can’t wait to read the other stories.

  11. Claire Boggs

    Looking forward to reading all your stories, we had some fabulous works last year. Come on ladies, enter now xx

  12. Jayne Thickett

    This is a great competition. The organisers are professional but friendly and approachable and you’re kept updated throughout the process. The entry fee is big value for money and it’s in aid of a cause often overlooked.
    I’m proud to be included in Hysteria 2012. Give it a go, you may be surprised. I certainly was.

  13. Abigail Wyatt

    This is a well-organised competition in an excellent cause and, unlike some competitions these days, the entry fee is reasonable. I am delighted to be represented in this year’s anthology. I urge you to enter. :-)